The Northern Lights 2010 Mix

At the end of the year I put together a mix of the best songs that I found in 2010. Some were new, some were old. I’d like to hear what you thought the best of 2010 was for you, music-wise. I’d make a Pipeline Mix 2010 where everybody submits a song, but I think Pipeline only has enough readers to make an EP…

1. “Harmonix”, by Surfer Blood, 2010–Probably my favorite record released in 2010. Thanks to BrentS for getting me to Surfer Blood. This got played all summer long on our back deck.

2. “Rill Rill”, by Sleigh Bells, 2010–My family had to listen to this record about 50 times in a two week period. I hooked Lily on it, and why not? Props to KariC for playing me the Funkadelic song that is the source of the riff. Props to KariC for buying that BASS!

3. “Lust for Life”, by Girls, 2009–This band is from San Francisco. In the song they wish they had beach house, a pizza and a bottle of wine. I happen to know people in San Francisco who have a beach house, a pizza and a bottle of wine. Coincidence?

4. “Ready to Start”, by Arcade Fire, 2010–I like Arcade Fire, I’m sometimes not sure if I really like them, or just like them. I think their records are fantastic (the debut in particular), and when I saw them play on the Neon Bible tour I thought it was one of the best shows I’d ever seen. Seems like I should really like them, but some reason I just like them. Pretty good double record, though…

5. “Valley of Abra”, by Alba Lua, 2010–I have no idea how I found this, but I love the melody, and the extremely trippy astronomy-based video is nice.

6. “Reasons”, by Built to Spill, 1994–Missed Built to Spill first time around, but really like this record. Good stuff.

7. “Life Magazine”, by Cold Cave, 2009–Not sure where I heard this first, but started hearing it on a number of commercials the last few months.

8. “One Touch”, by LCD Soundsystem, 2010–This record took a while to sink in, but now I think it’s one of the best of the year. If this is the last record LCD puts out that’s too bad, but at least we got three top-notch records.

9. “Sweepstakes”, by Gorillaz, 2010–I really regret not seeing this tour. (2010 was not a good year for seeing live music, unfortunately.)

10. “Crazy for You”, by Best Coast, 2010–Fun record.

11. “I Don’t Mind”, by the Buzzcocks, 1979–Just found the Buzzcocks this year; “Singles Going Steady” and 2010 will be synonymous henceforth.

12. “Never Gonna Give You Up”, by the Black Keys, 2010–Great Black Keys record; the guy who painted my house turned me on to this. This particular song is a cover of a song originally by…someone else. I could look it up, as could you.

13. “Born Free”, by MIA, 2010–Wow, the Pitchfork review of this record was harsh. Even by Pitchfork standards. Reading Pitchfork reviews is like reading Groupon offers. Anyway, MAYA probably is her third-best (or worst, if you want to put it that way) record, but it’s definitely not as bad as Pitchfork wanted it to be.

14. “Making Time”, by the Creation, 1966–Admit it, you thought this was the Who when you heard it. I bought at least two Who records looking for this song. 2010 was the year I finally bought the Rushmore soundtrack and voila! Life just keeps getting better and better…

15. “Rockers East Vancouver”, by Japandroids, 2009–Props to BrentS for recommending Japandroids to me. Another 2 person drum/guitar outfit, the kind of thing I’m thinking about forming with the 11 year-old drummer in my basement.

16. “Got Nuffin”, by Spoon, 2010–Love Spoon. More bands with more drummers.

17. “I’ve Been Broken (I’ve Been Fixed)”, by Beulah, 2001–KellyR put a Beulah song on a mix we used for our Northern Cali vacation this year, my introduction to this band. I really like it!

18. “The Place I Love”, by The Jam, 1978–I never made it to The Jam till 2010, still more to check out. I see why they are a big deal, though.

19. “Cousins”, by Vampire Weekend, 2010–Great, fun song. Love the guitar runs. Video’s pretty cool, too.

20. “Hometown Fantasy”, by Wooden Birds, 2009–Via KellyR, project of former American Analogue Set member.

21. “(It’s Gonna Be) I Told You So”, by Drive-by-Truckers, 2010–Also got this from the house painter. Good man. Great band, still diving in.

22. “Mama Don’t Like My Man”, by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, 2010–Great stuff. Simple, great songs.

23. “Hot Potatoes”, by the Kinks, 1972–OK, I cheated. Well, I had this before 2010, but didn’t really get to it until…oh, who cares, it’s my list! You’ll get the Kinks singing about potatoes and you’ll like it!

Damnation, wouldn’t you do just about anything to own the Northern Lights 2010 Mix? Drop me a line and I’ll mail you a gen-u-ine CD, along with a slightly-used jewel case.

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9 Responses to The Northern Lights 2010 Mix

  1. Kevin says:

    Do you have our new address yet? If not, do you have my email? If not, I know you have my phone number. Hook a brotha’ up.

  2. Nathan D says:


  3. Kelly says:

    I love the hard copy CD, pretty please, as Veda will now say.

  4. Nathan D says:

    OK, I couldn’t wait, so I created a Grooveshark playlist with all of these songs in this order. And now I’ll share with all of you, because I love you, man.

  5. Doug Hennessee says:

    Thanks for the Grooveshark list; Grooveshark is a wonderful tool for those unfamiliar. You can also do it on YouTube pretty well, although many of the videos aren’t really videos at all.

    I’ll still put hard copies together for people who want it, which might just be the three of you.

  6. Aaron says:

    Saw Japandroids at 2 different festivals this summer, and they rocked both of them. It is great to watch a band that can play that hard and look like they are having as much fun as the shirtless teenagers in the audience are.

    Didn’t see Best Coast, but I enjoy the number of words they can rhyme with ‘weed’.

  7. MikeB says:

    Hit me.

  8. Doug Hennessee says:

    MikeB, you’ll get yours this weekend.

    Aaron M, what’s up!? Good to hear from you!

    Kelly, Nate and Kevin, hard copies forthcoming. Kevin, we owe you a call indeed. Also forthcoming…

  9. Aaron Price says:

    Okay, well, you offered. I sure do appreciate it.

    Aaron Price
    Ascend Yoga
    5907 Oram Street
    Dallas, TX 75206

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