Awaiting Star Command’s Call

I got an iPhone for Christmas.  It’s more or less the best gift I’ve ever received, though it is not the Utopian gadget I pretend it to be.  Yes, I can browse anywhere in the 3G network, but it’s not as good as browsing at home.  Yes, I can post to Pipeline, but it’s fussy and slow.  Yes, I can download the iFart application…but nobody enjoys it quite as much as I do.

Mostly I’m just a sucker for new technology and good design.  And the future.  Because to me, that’s what the iPhone represents, a world where Captain Picard presses a button on his chest and he communicates with No. 2, or the central computer, or Star Command.  Is the iPhone (or other gadgets with inferior design sense and less-catchy marketing) really that far from that future?  I think not.

What’s surprising to me is that all the world is not clamor…

Hey now!  Where’d the rest of that post go?  Props to Pipeline People for not calling out the obvious, which is that my mobile posting technique needs some serious refinement.  In truth, the rest of the post was unremarkable to the point of not even justifying a rehash.

I hope you all had a happy and safe New Year, full of friends and family.  That’s how mine was.  Bring on 2009, which seems odd to type.  But here we are…

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12 Responses to Awaiting Star Command’s Call

  1. Nathan D says:

    Welcome to the future. Now you’ll have to start your Twitter habit.

  2. Dave R says:

    I got my wife an iPhone for Christmas, and I’ve been a jealous punk ever since (of course some would say long before). I agree its not a world-beater, but everything it does looks fantastic. It’s got the best voicemail and texting I’ve ever seen, and even the damn calculator looks great.

    The only thing I’m not a fan of is the typing, which is how I comfort myself when I realize I just re-upped my Sprint contract last August for 2 more years.

  3. Dave Kingston says:

    I’ve had an iPhone for a while now, and love it. You must download the following apps:

    Urban Spoon (restaurant slot machine)
    Shazam (listens to and identifies songs)
    Remote (lets you remote control your computer iTunes from your iPhone)
    Checkers (great for playing with the kiddos)
    PacMan Lite

    These are all free and good fun.

  4. pipelineblog says:

    Nate, I don’t get Twitter. I can barely keep up with my blog or the blogs of others. So micro-blogging isn’t the right direction for me. Or anyone, IMO.

    DaveR, the typing does take some getting used to, especially for someone like me who is not a fan of electronic shorthand. But it’s coming along.

    DaveK, those are good apps suggestions. I have Urban Spoon and Shazam, along with Ocarina, iBird plus, Fieldrunners, Pandora, Wikiamo, and SnapTell, which, like Shazam, blows my mind.

    At the rate the apps are being developed, you almost have to check every week for new stuff.

  5. kelly says:

    I refer to my iphone as a triquarter often. Also heads up; the iphone is a better portable computer than it is a phone. As far as phones go, i’m not psyched….. managing my voicemails or the other wonderful features yes. Getting a call routed to me in time to answer it, etc. not so good.

    I’ll have to check out those other apps. If Jim has an iphone he should be ‘wurdling’, its a fast play scrabble like game i can’t seem to stop

  6. kelly says:

    err make that Wurdle; its been so popular we turned it into a verb.

  7. Nathan D says:

    The whole point of Twitter (well, part of the point), is that you can’t keep up with blogging — with the short-form you have “permission” to be a lot more casual and thus can update more often. Really, it’s not “micro-blogging” as much as just a quick way to share thoughts with those who care.

  8. brent-a-saur-us says:

    nice pic–Adrian Hennessee? Linus Peterson?

  9. pipelineblog says:

    It’s Lillian Hennessee holding up a cardboard mask of Adrian Peterson. Or as she would say, that Adrian Peterson guy.

    Katy, that is hilarious. The best part is the predicted sentence function, which from an input of “ThE aRl…” suggests, among many others:

    The aardvark asked for a dagger.
    The abortion went well.
    The absinthe arrived by airmail.
    The aggravated rooster scratched the dirt.
    The Althusserian scholar gave his copy of Lacan’s “Ecrits” to the abortion doctor.
    The assumptive doctor did not accept a personal check.

    Also, the Sudoku Killer will kill either 1, 4, or 9 people next week.

  10. Katy says:

    I agree those are the best parts, though I also really like the people they interview who insist on buying anything Apple ever has made or will make. Only because it is true.

  11. It IS true.

    I, for one, have changed my “Sent via iPhone” salutation so as not to be identified as one of “those people”.

    Comment posted via iPhone

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