What This Country Needs Is A Good Depression

Well, maybe just a little depression.  But talk to people who lived through the real Depression, and in addition to stories (and more stories) about hardship, you’ll also hear how much closer families became during those tough times.  I know I’ve often pined for less time for my family playing the Wii, and more time eating dirt and skinning rats for their pelts so we can have fur-lined underwear.

All I’m saying is an economic downturn doesn’t have to be all bad.  For one thing, when tough economic times hit the U.K. in the 1970s the miracle of punk rock occurred.  Pissed off, down and out people make great music.  And better yet, they do it with drums and guitars.  I’m hopeful that an economic downturn will mean fewer hi-tech doodads like keyboards and beat machines, so all this electro/ambient/house music will mostly go away.  That’s for people who want to simulate depression; no need if we have the real thing.

Another good thing about some serious hardship for today’s generations would be that we could finally stop hearing about The Greatest Generation.  We probably could have stopped talking about them in 20 years anyway because, well…you know.  But now we can stick it in their face while they are still around.  Sure, they went through economic hardships, but it’s not like they ever had that much before the depression in the first place.  Some people had to sell their bowler hats and their flapper dresses and their phonographs.  Big deal.  Try not being able to pay for your Blackberry service, or not be able to upgrade to an iPod touch.  That’s your new Dorothea Lange photo right there, our disgusting, filthy kids pretending to talk to each other on cell phones that don’t work.

On second thought, my kids already do that.

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3 Responses to What This Country Needs Is A Good Depression

  1. Charley says:

    holy crap. will the GOP try to spin the depression as good for promoting family values?

  2. kelly says:

    No doubt. This country’s economic advantage, and subsequent waste, has come increasingly easier to every subsequent generation since the greatest; in lockstep with an increasing ignorance of how that economic engine was built. While I don’t want to see any more grannies committing suicide to avoid foreclosure when the sheriff arrives…. I think collectively (myself included) we could regain some appreciation for things in life that money can’t buy, and at least a small taste, if not a humble appreciation for what life is like for most people on the planet.

  3. Scotch says:

    Just a Good Depression? This is America! Surely we can create The Greatest Depression the world has ever seen!

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