Here are Linus and Lily on their first day of school this year. He’s in fourth grade now; she just started kindergarten. Fourth grade boys are, by law, required to make faces whenever they know a camera is pointed at them. Kindergarten girls are, by law, pretty much cute enough to get away with anything.

I remember when Linus was just a baby I’d walk our dog at night through our neighborhood. I would pass by schools and think about the time when he was old enough to be there, what kind of boy he would be like, what it would be like to be old enough to have kids in school, all that stuff. There was no thought at the time of a second child, but there they are, right there in the photo.

I still take the dog for walks at night, but we’re older and probably walking slower than we used to. I’ve found it’s harder to speculate on some nebulous future once your kids reach a certain age; no need to imagine what life will be like when it’s already happening in real time.

Tonight Lily came with me to walk Maxine for the first time. Lily was pretty pumped to go; I don’t know if that was just because she was going and not Linus, or because she got to go out in the neighborhood at night, or what. She jabbered on about all kinds of stuff the whole way, but Maxine and I still enjoy the company while we can get it. I hope it will be the first walk of many we will share.

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3 Responses to Tandem

  1. Nathan D says:

    is the kurt cobain haircut your idea or his?

  2. Everybody in our household is responsible for their own hair. I did advise him, however, to grow it while he’s got it.

  3. kelly says:

    Hey Kurt Cobain’s backpack has a cellphone pocket on it! I don’t think I even had a backpack in fourth grade; much less a cell phone. The fourth graders of today would be giving me wedgies like crazy. What’s today equivalent of ‘dork’ in the modern fourth grader’s lexicon?

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