An Illinois Problem

You’ve heard this Obama-as-anti-Christ talk; maybe you’ve even had some of the ludicrous emails forwarded to you by friends and family.  Clearly, many of the people who peddle that kind of stuff don’t actually believe it in a literal way; it’s likely a stand-in for other reasons why they won’t support a given candidate.

But let’s be real: There are probably thousands of people who actually believe that Obama is the anti-Christ.  Probably not hundreds of thousands.  But thousands?  Sure, there have to be at least that many.

What I want to know is, why is it OK for people who truly believe that to just sit by and forward emails?  Isn’t it a problem for these people that the junior senator from Illinois is the anti-Christ?

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3 Responses to An Illinois Problem

  1. Nathan D says:

    Wait, are you saying there are logical inconsistencies with religious fundamentalists and how they conduct their day-to-day lives?

  2. Becky O says:

    Does anyone actually have these emails? Or know where they are posted?
    I would love to read them.

  3. Jeff says:

    Well, it’s not ideal to have him in the Senate, but at least there he’s only one vote.

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