Show Me the Celebrity

Last month I wrote about my distaste for seeing Presidential contenders appear in certain entertainment venues.  Pipeline People, by and large, disagreed with my take on the matter.  I think the essential point commenters made was that it’s OK for a candidate, particularly in today’s media-rich environment, to use various outlets to reach people, define their persona, etc.

I think that’s a fair point; candidates should obviously use multiple media platforms to shape image and reach people.  I just question whether all the entertainment venues we have seen politicians use in the last several years really serve that goal.

And, I still maintain there is something unique about the Presidency that requires a different standard of comportment.  To my surprise and consternation, it seems John McCain agrees with me on that point, given his recent petulant focus on Obama’s “celebrity”.  But, as so many sources pointed out today (like Andrew Sullivan, Maureen Dowd in one of her better pieces in awhile, or Jake Tapper), it’s really McCain who is the celebrity, or at least McCain who wants to be the celebrity.

No larger point here, I just thought that was an interesting development, another data point in a McCain campaign that is running out of things to say with every passing week.

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