I Also Had Access to Anthrax

On two occasions I have had first-hand access to Anthrax. First, at the Clash of the Titans show in Kansas City in 1991, where they played with Megadeth, Slayer, and Alice in Chains. That exposure was slightly toxic, but not fatal. The second exposure was paired with near-lethal levels of Iron Maiden; it took years to recover.

Look, I’m not a conspiracy person by nature, but I also don’t believe the historical record, writ large, is 100% accurate. How could it be? I don’t believe most of those mysteries are the result of a master plot so much as creative clean-up or CYA actions once a bad situation comes up.

Which leads us to Bruce Ivins. I’m not going to suggest that Ivins wasn’t the guy; I’m obviously not privy to the information. But even if you accept, with 100% certainty, that Ivins was the guy, it still leaves plenty of questions.

Such as…

Read this excellent collection of TPM stories about these developments, and decide for yourself whether this smells a little bit.

Isn’t it remarkable how far we’ve come since 9/11? Notice how many relatively mainstream people are saying they have no faith in either the FBI or DOJ versions of events, much less the White House’s? Erosion of faith in government is alive and well in 2008.

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2 Responses to I Also Had Access to Anthrax

  1. Nathan D says:

    Weapons of Mass Rockin’ Out, eh?

    For some reason this post reminded me of the Jefferson quote I saw once again on a bumper sticker today: “When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny”

  2. kelly says:

    Ivins might have done it, and enough dirt he looks like he was the guy….. but frankly, him committing suicide sure seems like a convenient end to the whodunnit don’t you think? Anyone heard any possible motive for this guy? I haven’t, aside from a fetish for Sorority girls this guy just seems like a normal joe being framed …… I think it juiced the DOD budget and and the fear factor in politics, to the extent it made life a whole lot easier for a whole bunch of people in Washington….. I’m just saying.

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