Pipeline Record Review-Jay Reatard, Singles 06-07

I’ve been in a musical rut for most of 2008, particularly as far as finding music I like that has been recently released.  Then last night I saw a review in the Onion for Jay Reatard’s Singles 06-07, and a few hours later it was mine.  Reatard is not for everybody; I think a lot of the stuff on the record is beyond solid, but there are redundancies and a few tracks that are abrasive, including the first one.  But, I try not to let that deter me if there are other high points on the record, and Reatard provides plenty of them.  Do the 30 second review on iTunes of Another Person, I Know A Place, All Wasted, or All Over Again and see what you think.

As I look back, most of my favorite records over time have had at least one song that are unlistenable.  (Revolution No. 9, anyone?)  Reatard avoids any totally indulgent moments here, but knowing a few rough patches won’t destroy a record for me gives me a chance to get past those moments when you really hate the first song you hear, which is the case for me here.

I have music infatuations from time to time.  I’ll find a new record that strikes me in a fresh way, and I will play that thing right into the ground.  I’m doing that with Reatard right now, and woe is anyone who has to endure my control of the music.  Linus alone has probably heard some of the tracks three times already.  He’s going to hate Reatard, even though I saw him go over and look at the iPod when Reatard was on, which he only does when he likes what’s playing and wants to be able to request it by name.

And speaking of requests, I’ve been getting to know the Okkervil River record The Stage Names, a mere 11 months after it was released.  Twice in the last week different Pipeline People have asked who the band playing at the time was, which is usually a sign that something is good.

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10 Responses to Pipeline Record Review-Jay Reatard, Singles 06-07

  1. pipelineblog says:

    My search for information about Reatard led me here, a random review of a recent show near Swarthmore College.

    The live performances I’ve seen on YouTube are all very hard and guitar-driven, and the album isn’t quite like that. Also, there’s great video of him punching a guy who gets on stage in Vegas, which inspired great follow-up video and commentary on whether the fan deserved it for interrupting a show, or Reatard was just a typical over-hyped, bratty Rock Star. Reatard did appear to have a quick trigger to me, but to his credit, he really jacked the guy and didn’t miss a beat in the song.


  2. Q says:

    Digging the Okkervil River record right now per recommendation. Tried to find the Reatard record on Napster (i personally love the subscription service) and Rhapsody, but they only have the “Blood Visions” album. Haven’t listened to it yet, but put in on the playlist.

  3. Doug Hennessee says:

    Word of warning on Reatard, his lyrics are somewhat negative. Alienation, that sort of thing. I think Blood Visions is probably somewhat different from the parts of Singles 06-07 that I enjoy most. Let me know what you think…

  4. Katy says:

    Sorry, is his name really Reatard?

  5. Doug Hennessee says:

    His real name is Jay Lindsey. Somehow, he decided being called Jay Reatard was a better marketing ploy.

  6. Nathan D says:

    I’ve pretty much given up spending actual energy finding new music and then consuming it with purpose, though now that I work with a group of folks much younger than me it is affording some new discovery opportunities.

    That said, I hope you are taking advantage of services like Pandora or SOMA FM’s Indie Pop Rocks (not to mention things like MuxTape Stumbler and any number of other music discovery services out there) to find some fresh tunes…

  7. bs says:


    Jay Reatard is featured on the baseball game I’m playing on the Xbox. Thanks for the steer on him, it’s been a nice addition to my pandora mix.

  8. pipelineblog says:

    What?! Reatard has already sold out!

    Actually, that’s an insane baseball game soundtrack, with half chosen by Pitchfork. Pleased to see Wild Mountain Nation, Pipeline’s Official Song of 2007, also on the mix. Not the first song that comes to mind as the closer charges through the bullpen gates, though.

  9. stereocache says:

    If you’re looking for some more reatard material you should check out the singles series he’s got going right now for matador. It’s a 6 parter and he just announced the details for the 5th. check out the details and get a track off of the third 7″ at my page.

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