Our Day

Yesterday was Lily’s birthday, her fifth. She was born on Father’s Day, 2003, and so every six years I get a nice reminder of my best Father’s Day gift. I’ll get another at 11, then 17, 23, and so on. She’ll be so different every time that happens. We should start a tradition, just her and me, for these occasions when our days coincide. I guess I missed the boat on this one, but we did spend the day together, and we ate cake. If we can do that every six years till Father’s Day 2056, when she turns 53 and I’m 87, I’ll be very happy. It’s a date! Eight of them.

We’ve been bonding, Lily and I. We play more sports and games together, and I try to make sure to carve out time that’s just for her and me, where she doesn’t feel competition with Linus. Last month she and I went to a Twins game; she was really excited about going to a game with just the two of us. See photo below:

And she was so good, the whole game. I can’t say she followed much of went on during the game, although she did seem to know who Michael Cuddyer was. But she was entertained, quiet, inquisitive enough when I kept badgering her to look at something, and generally reasonable about asking for only 50% of all the food items she saw for sale. You can’t ask for more than that out of any baseball date, especially when she’s only 5. Naturally, she needed a Twins hat from her first Father/Daughter Twins game. See photo below:

She had a great time, I think. There’s a lot to look at when you’re at the ballpark, and everybody’s so big and moving fast. It’s a lot of commotion, and she could have been timid, or difficult, or disinterested, but she wasn’t. She was the opposite of all those things, which is what I mostly expected, but with any kid you never know what you might get at any time in a new and hectic situation. But on this night, as with most others, she was great. By the time we were on the train heading home, she was giddy and tired. See photo below:

I thought she’d be asleep before our car hit the driveway, but she was up for hours after her bedtime, badgering Linus and generally being a nuisance about the game and the train ride and Daddy and the M&M’s and whatnot.

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5 Responses to Our Day

  1. Nathan D says:

    Damnation, Lily is cute. Every time I’m feeling down I will come read this post. All will be solved.

  2. kelly says:

    She looks ecstatic in all of those photos. I hope our daughter is half as cute. Maybe you can take her to a baseball game, cause i probably never will. In exchange I’ll take your daughter backpacking in the sierras.

    She and i have a connection outside of her parents….. my birthday too was yesterday. I wish i could say i spent it having fun with my father. There are few things i can imagine as more rewarding.

  3. Doug Hennessee says:

    Kelly, why don’t you and yours join me and Lily every six years? At least for the cake part, if not the ball game.

  4. Elaine M says:

    Doug – Eons ago you coached me at ESU debate camp – and of course, when I was older, you judged rounds while I debated for UMKC. Saw Tracy a few weeks ago and asked if she still kept in touch with you and she mentioned you had a blog. Google led me here – and I figured I would stop in to say “hello”. I read a few posts back and YIKES! Please don’t put me on your fantasy death league. I always feel bad drafting folks for my fantasy football team each year because my top picks ALWAYS suffer serious, season ending injuries. Jinx!

  5. pipelineblog says:

    Howdy, Elaine. I have fond memories of that camp and that camp squad.

    I promise I will not draft you for my death league anytime before 2060.

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