Three Weeks?

The scariest part about McCain’s dead-on-arrival speech last night? The campaign prepped for it for three weeks! Read that again, and then make sure to watch the highlights below.

If it looks like a landslide and walks like a landslide, it’s probably going to be a landslide…

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13 Responses to Three Weeks?

  1. pipelineblog says:

    Seriously, watching McCain’s speech was like watching someone do a bizarre and overlong parody of a McCain speech. Can’t…believe…I’m…going to say…it…

    but even Dubya is better than that. Even Dubya.

    And Obama’s speech last night? I can think of two he’s given that are better than that in just the last three months.

    Goddamn, if Richard Nixon can get his ass handed to him in 1960 because he had bad TV makeup, in 2008 Obama will open the biggest can of oratorical whup-ass on McCain that has ever existed, or at least since Charlton Heston got all high and mighty in that one ape’s face in Planet of the Apes.

  2. Steve C says:

    Nixon wasn’t that bad. We forget that radio listeners of that first debate thought Nixon had won.

    Doug, how is the Franken campaign going up there? Does he have a shot against that asshole Coleman?

  3. Doug Hennessee says:

    The Franken campaign has spent the last two months on the defensive due to tax problems with his various businesses, and now the stunning (!) revelations that in his role as a satirist and comedy writer he may have been responsible for some blue material in the past.

    Now, some large voices in the MN Dem party are publicly calling for Mike Cerisi to get back into the race after bowing out this spring, and Franken has a challenge just to win the DFL endorsement vs. Jack Nelson-Palmeyer, a grassroots-type guy who is reminding a lot of people of Paul Wellstone in terms of his platform, the fact he’s a college professor, and the fact that nobody believed he could actually pull this off. Franken has the name recognition and a huge war chest, but the DFL activists and many of the leaders of the party seem to be moving to Nelson-Palmeyer.

    The nominating convention is happening now through the weekend in Duluth, so Franken’s campaign is facing its first huge hurdle today. I think he’s in for a tough fight just to get the endorsement, which he’s said he will abide by.

    I can’t recall what I’ve written about Franken on Pipeline, but I’ve been concerned about his candidacy for a long time. I love the guy, and think he played an important role in giving Democrates perspective and some measure of their voice back in the post-911 malaise. His books “Lies” and “The Truth” are some of the most potent political commentary from the era, which makes them almost historical documents, really. What Stephen Colbert did to speak truth to power in his famous Press Club speech, Franken did just as well in print. The books are that good, in my opinion.

    But that’s not what politics is about. I’ve long been concerned that Franken won’t be able to connect to people outside of the large metro areas. He’s a self-promoter, somebody who made his living making fun of others, and that’s just so counter to the sensibilities of rural America, but particularly outstate Minnesota Nice. Franken just comes off as a New Yorker, which is ironic because Coleman’s actually the New Yorker, and Franken really is a Minnesotan. Even before the tax and offensive writing issues, I felt Franken was going to struggle to claim the middle; he just rubs too many people the wrong way.

    Yeah, he’s got money and name recognition and a lot of celebrity endorsements, but that just adds to the “he’s not a Minnesotan” vibe, because so much of the support isn’t from here.

    Combine that with tax issues that make him look sloppy, and writings that, for people with no sense of humor to appreciate a joke about Andy Rooney raping Mike Wallace, make it easy for people to say he degrades women and all things decent (at least you’d think that), I just see him having too many hurdles to overcome to actually win.

    Also, predictably, Norm Coleman seems to have successfully established himself as an independent-minded pol. It’s not true, but Norm’s smart and knows what he’s doing, and so much attention has been on Al’s negatives that Norm has been allowed to move as he wants thus far.

    This may be the only seat in jeopardy that the GOP holds on to.

  4. Steve C says:

    What a shame. I worried about Franken’s appeal beyond the cities, but what you have said makes it even worse. I met the guy when he was here at UNC for his Air America show and had him sign my book. He was really interested when I told him I was an instructor of argument. Nice guy, but I can see how some would call him arrogant. The thing is, Dubya must be the most arrogant guy on the planet. But he’s not Jewish. And I have to think that has some import in Scandanavian Minnesota.

  5. david says:

    MN has had a Jewish Senator since Rudy Boschwitz was first elected in 1978. That’s a 30 year stretch. I don’t think that’s an issue any more in MN. The satire about porn and rape won’t fly in MN. Neither will skirting your tax payments. And it’s not like he missed one tax payment. He missed multiple types of tax payments (income, workers comp) for multiple states for multiple years. Millionaire comedians need to pay their taxes, just like the rest of us. And if you think you might be interested in politics some day, pay your work comp. I think that lesson has been thoroughly covered.

    I’m not sure what to think of Nelson-Pallmeyer. He’s too much of a peacenik for me. He would be the furthest left candidate in the U.S. Senate. That being said, there really isn’t a decent, righteous, liberal in the senate right now. He probably wouldn’t accomplish anything, but he brings a perspective those 100 folks aren’t currently hearing.

  6. Steve C says:

    Well, I obviously don’t have the same level of knowledge about the campaign as the rest of you. Thanks for filling me in. Sorry to hear about Al’s stupidity.

  7. Stanton says:

    McCain looks awful when he smiles.

  8. Jeff H says:

    From what I’ve seen, McCain is a better debater than he is a speaker, and Obama is a better speaker than he is a debater. It will be interesting to see what happens after they debate.

  9. kelly says:

    What would you give to be on a panel of policy/rhetoric bad asses who sit in advisement and preparation before Obama’s debates? I’ve got at least 2 digits, meaning pinkies, I think are spares.

  10. pipelineblog says:

    Jeff, I think you’re right. Obama’s debates, while steady, have not been equal to his written speeches, and McCain is much better when he doesn’t have to deal with a written spéech or teleprompters.

  11. Becky O says:

    A total aside that is not meant to go after Steve or anything, but some of you politicos might be interested.

    When I was writing my diss I spent a long time looking for the original data on the “Nixon won on the radio and JFK won on tv” claim…and never found an actual survey done to determine “winners”. All the original references to that claim were based off one article that didn’t actually compare the tv vs radio audience in any statistical manner. That data may actually be out there (and if someone has it I would love to see it) but I think it’s just an unsubstantiated premise that has become so accepted that it’s actually in textbooks even though I hunted down cites for days and couldn’t find any real survey that proved it. Many people at the time said JFK looked youthful and Dick had a cold…but that’s all I could find.

  12. Doug Hennessee says:

    Way to apply that dissertation knowledge! I do find that interesting, in that I have also many times heard that when asked, “neutral observers” (meaning non-TV viewers) had a higher opinion of Nixon.

    Maybe if all that nasty Watergate stuff had only stayed on the radio, he would have had a chance…

  13. Becky O says:

    I think it was based on a couple of people’s opinions from newspapers after the fact. Not actually much data there.

    that’s why i got this degree!

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