Memorial Day

I hope all Pipeline People had fun and safe Memorial Day Weekends. Ours was spent with good friends and families in Topeka and Kansas City. It came on the heels of a hectic couple of weeks at work, as well as the successful culmination of a job hunt for Jane, so it came at a perfect time for us. It’s always nice to reconnect with friends and see how their kids are changing right along with yours. It’s especially nice to watch the kids interact with each other and develop their own friendships and connections as they get older.

As you may have heard, Sydney Pollack passed away yesterday. First, let me just say that I’m a real fan of the guy’s work both behind and in front of the camera. He made a lot of good movies that also happened to be hits, and he did it consistently over a long period of time. And, with a lot of different kinds of movies. A real contributor to the cinema.

As all Pipeline People know, my fantasy death league team, Tupac or Not Tupac, has been something of a phenomenon, and this naturally means that not only has no other person of the 180 drafted by my league died, but that Sydney Pollack was on my team. I’m not sure what to say about my dominance thus far, other than that it’s obviously just a statistical fluke. It will really only be notable in the supernatural sense if I’m able to go the entire year and be the only person to pick someone. And if that happens, well, I’m not sure what I’ll say then, either, but you should probably stay on my good side if it comes to that.

So to recap, Charlton Heston, Arthur C. Clarke, Albert Hoffman (original team captain), and Sydney Pollack have expired. The current roster is Betty Ford (interim team captain), Elizabeth Taylor, Jake LaMotta, Captain Beefheart, Hamid Karzai, Andy Rooney, Bobby Brown, Fats Domino, Bob Feller, and Tommy Lasorda, who was just promoted to fill Pollack’s roster spot. The reserves, now somewhat depleted until the August Supplemental Draft, are Courtney Love, Michael Jackson, Don King, Tony Bennett, BTK, and Lindsey Lohan.

You know, some people dabble in lucky statistical improbabilities in the lottery, or at least something like the ESPN NCAA bracket, where they win some tangible thing, particularly money. I’m starting to get concerned that my one stab at statistical freakishness not only nets me nothing of particular tangible value, but brands me as some sort of ghoulish jinx. But I guess that’s what I signed up for when I signed up for a fantasy death league and brought all of my drafting and prospect analysis skills to the party.

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6 Responses to Memorial Day

  1. MrFares says:

    That is a great, some might say killer, lineup. I immediately rushed to check on Fats Domino. He’s ok, for now. But check out his office

  2. campk says:

    Maybe with enough statistical power and notoriety people would pay you to stay off your roster?

  3. Charley says:

    Surely someone had the great Harvey Corman? Count de Money! Count de Money!

  4. Doug Hennessee says:

    Nobody had Harvey Korman. I was a big Harvey Korman fan, a real loss.

  5. MrFares says:

    Korman, Diddley, Rauschenberg
    Nope. I would not have taken them.

  6. pipelineblog says:

    Somebody else had Bo Diddley…but he was on her reserve roster, so no points. That means I’m simply dominant now, and not statistically-freaky supernatural. The aura has broken.

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