8 and 4

Kids grow up in spurts, or so it has seemed to me.  They’ll go months without much of anything appearing to change, and then out of nowhere they not only act different, they look different too.  They get heavier to lift, become faster runners, tell more complex stories, all in spurts.  It’s cliche to say sometimes you don’t recognize them from one day to the next, but I’ve had those days.

Lily will be five next month, in two months Linus will be 9.  She’s become aggressive about branching out to get more little girl friends, and he’s made the decision to grow his hair longer, to some as-yet undetermined length.

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8 Responses to 8 and 4

  1. kelly says:

    Wow ….. wow.

  2. Nathan D says:

    Holy crap. I am so old.

  3. david says:

    great picture. Linus is looking pretty big these days. No question those two are Jane’s children…

  4. Doug Hennessee says:

    Linus does seem to be changing literally every day. The longer hair is a big part of it, but his whole body is changing. It’s not as radical as going through puberty, but there is a phase where you go from being a little boy to a slightly larger pre-pubescent boy, and those changes can be pretty alarming as well, I have learned.

    Lily’s changing too, but with her right now it’s mostly social changes. She’s like a predator when it comes to finding other little girls who might potentially want to play with her and be her friend. And she’s going through her first real phase of dad attachment, which I’ll write about shortly.

  5. david says:

    just wait until Linus gets closer to puberty. I’m watching William at his band concert Tuesday night and he’s sitting next to a boy that is 5’5″ and pushing 2 bills. William is mid-bicep on him. Amazing the physical differences that occur around 10 to 14.

  6. David R says:

    Dude, Linus looks 3-4 years older than he did at Christmas. Amazing.

    The real question is whether his rock band skills are advancing at a similar pace. We’ll need him to step up big on our reunion tour.

  7. Jim says:

    Holy shit. Linus is a different child from last summer. Looking more like you all the time, also.

  8. Stanton says:

    Speaking of Linus at Christmas, I seem to recall that he favored a bright orange afro for his Rock Band character. Life immitates art – sometime in the next 5 years?

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