Weekend of Men

This weekend featured our sixth annual fantasy basketball getaway. For the first time, we did not gather in Milwaukee, and instead retreated to the southern Wisconsin lodge of one of our esteemed owners. This offered more camaraderie, giving all 13 of the attendees the chance to eat chili and award-winning pies, ridicule the Amish, crash local taverns, and learn the physics of how gravity bongs work. Though in fairness only 5 of the thirteen attendees took the physics lesson, and only one of us really carried the banner for ridicule of the Amish. But he had so much bile in his heart he made up for the rest of us.

But we all ate pie, except possibly our vegan member. I couldn’t specifically tell you what he ate, but it wasn’t what I ate. Wisconsin’s a tough place to be a vegan, I surmise.

We played Wii and shot pool, played ping pong and basketball. We took brewery tours, set off industrial-grade fireworks, and purged toxins in the sauna. We drank craft beers, crap beers, and fine scotches while watching NCAA basketball games, and generally enjoyed our time of not having obligations for 36 hours. We thought about league members who couldn’t make the trip, and looked forward to future days when we might all gather at the Tomahawk Lodge.

That’s how you know you are at a nice place, when the house has a name.

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3 Responses to Weekend of Men

  1. kelly says:

    Damn…. I might have to learn how to fantasy league and spend a few years lobbying to get into your league….. an annual trip like that sounds like pretty damn nice time.

  2. david says:

    when is the lssbl going to host that type of event?

  3. steim says:

    Back in the day, the LSSBL had some decent events, but nothing of this magnitude. I say the time has come.

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