Andreessen on Obama

Courtesy of Pipeline Person NathanD, Netscape founder Marc Andreessen’s account of an early 2007 meeting with Barack Obama.

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4 Responses to Andreessen on Obama

  1. Stanton says:

    Obama’s speech on race today is getting a bunch of attention. If you want to skip the media ‘analysis,’ here is the source material:

  2. Chris W says:

    This hour-and-a-half thing is a great read–thanks! (Although I can’t believe what he says about Mitt Romney!)

  3. pipelineblog says:

    You know, Chris, I wondered about that, too. Maybe they were funding Romney because they viewed him as the most unelectable, or as a hedge against Rudy. Or, maybe he was just leaps and bounds more friendly to Silicon Valley-type businesses? Definitely wondered about that, though.

  4. bs says:

    maybe romney was just the most reasonable GOP candidate. i didn’t pay too much attention to that guy so i have really no idea.

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