Spitzer Take

Eliot Spitzer.  Wow.  Makes me wonder when he knew; had to have just been in the last 24 hours or so, right?  I guess today is a Monday, so maybe over the weekend.  But wow.  So many questions.

Was this the same service Marv Albert used?  Is Spitzer also a back-biter?  What exactly will a $5,000 an hour prostitute do that costs $5,000 an hour?

My favorite part, which I just noticed a bit ago, is that this all took place in the Mayflower Hotel in D.C., which we stayed at for our friend TomB’s wedding a couple years ago.  There’s a fair amount of famous things that have happened there, but my favorite is that it’s where Kennedy kept a suite during his pre-White House time in D.C. and there were more than a few hints on the historical markers around the hotel that this was a place where part of the womanizing JFK history was made.  So, more than a few times I thought about that while we stayed there, imagining clandestine dangerous liaisons that must have happened there over the years.

I have to admit, at the time Eliot Spitzer wasn’t what I had in mind.

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11 Responses to Spitzer Take

  1. Spitzer didn’t do anything. He got it done. Seems he likes his backside tended too. And that is the nicest way I can say that.
    The activities were so sordid that many of his other prostitutes had dismissed spitzer as being “difficult” and complained that “certain behavior” was not safe.
    Three cheers for the whore who did it without batting an eye. And did it for two hours and ten minutes.
    I hope she gargled with bleach afterwards.

    (You asked)

  2. Doug Hennessee says:

    Thank you, WOLF. I’m trying to read between the lines on this one. I was trying to parse out the AP account’s quote, which was that Client #9 would ask the women to engage in: “…certain behavior you might not think was safe…Very basic stuff.”

    As in, very basic bodily functions? I have to admit, my first thoughts were about maybe Spitzer just not wanting to, um, keep a lid on things, or maybe he liked to play Peter North with expensive talent. But that seemed like something you wouldn’t have to necessarily pay $5000 an hour for, not like I would know. I like your take better, if I’m reading you right. And if I’m not, then I guess I look like a perverted freak for thinking the governor of NY likes to poop on supermodels. (I won’t take it to the next level you implied, WOLF, but I don’t have doubts…)

  3. Doug Hennessee says:

    Based on interviews I have conducted, it’s pretty clear I’m the perverted freak. Most people assume (and I’m hearing the criminal complaint addresses this) that Spitzer was a tough customer simply because he didn’t like to take precautions that are “industry standard”, and not any particular scatalogical interest. So, forget I brought that up.

  4. Nathan D says:

    I can never forget.

  5. kelly says:

    If the governor of New York can’t poop on super models for $5,000 an hour, I’m not sure what this world is coming to.

    Although being an avid reader of Savage Love, the weekly column for white bread folks who love perverted issues, I read Wolf’s comment to mean that the governor was into pegging. I’ll say no more given this is a family oriented blog.

    But one thing I would say in mixed company; is that prostitution is not all governors and supermodels, and is in the hands of the wrong crowd. It being illegal and unregulated leads to both unsafe and violent behavior, but I believe also leads to more exploitive relationships of women. While this is no unpaid blow job in the oval office, that this is such a big issue, seems LAME to me….. that is pegging intrigue aside.

    Of course I feel the same way about drugs, pornography, and other victimless crimes that adults commit regardless of the chances of getting caught or the penalties for it. I’d just rather spend the tax money on regulation and treatment.

  6. bs says:

    i think kelly is onto what WOLF was talking about. that was my read as well. clearly you needed to embed the link to the wikipedia entry for “pegging”.


    i do not believe the hand drawn sketch was necessary.

  7. pipelineblog says:

    But why would it be pegging? Why would she have to gargle after pegging, unless he was into PTM, which I just made up but undoubtedly exists?

    Two things about that hand-drawn sketch, Brent. One, I love the hot water bottle hanging on the side of the bed. That’s no mere demonstration drawing, that’s art.

    Second, if you click on the drawing to view the full size, in small letters below the couple pegging it reads, “No higher resolution available”. That’s probably really funny if you’re into pegging.

  8. david says:

    I figured, given the reference to gargling bleach, that perhaps Spitzer likes a nice rim job. It’s all pretty damn weird, given his reputation as mr. ethical. next thing you know, it’ll come out that he’s being indicted for insider trading.

  9. david says:

    I just ran across a photo of the Spitzer family on a news page. I wouldn’t want to have to explain this type of behavior to my three teenage daughters. http://www.ny.gov/photos/01010710.html

  10. pipelineblog says:

    If that’s the case, those are some expensive rims Eliot’s got. He may have received the World’s Finest Rimjob.

  11. Kieran says:

    The scuttlebutt (heh heh) I heard definitely supports the salad-tossing theory over pooping or pegging.

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