Lily’s on some weird tape kick right now.  She puts tape everywhere.  Toys, books, clothes, pets, old art projects, everywhere.  She’ll use other kinds of tapes if necessary, but Scotch magic tape is her preferred tape.  This is bad, considering I work for the largest tape manufacturer in the world, making tape cheap and oh-so-available.

She also has a stapling problem.  Things are getting stapled that shouldn’t be, or stapled too many times if they should.  Stapling and taping, taping and stapling, too many things around the house to stick you or stick to you.

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5 Responses to Tapehead

  1. kelly says:

    That picture of Linus and Lincoln on your header cracks me up.

    Maybe this is her way of showing support for Dad? As long as the tape stays off anything hairy, like your arm or dog, you seem safe. Just never show her duct tape.

  2. kelly says:

    Shoot, I meant Lily and Lincoln of course.

  3. Nathan D says:

    why not bring home gobs of “removable” tape?

  4. Jim says:

    Cian is also into tape right now; she makes whole art projects that are nothing but pieces of tape on paper, with maybe some glue on top. It’s pretty much incredibly tiresome.

  5. dbeimers says:

    Yeah, our kids went through the same phase. One year we filled their stockings at christmas with magic tape. It was gone within a few days.

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