I was having a discussion with my fantasy baseball league today about Roger Clemens, and what a giant dick he is.  I believe I actually used the term “asshole”, but dick and asshole are interchangeable in some contexts, especially after much wine has been consumed.

Anyway, Friend of Pipeline ChrisZ then forwarded incontrovertible proof of Roger Clemens’ dickness, which is his entry on Dickipedia.  I recommend you go there now to read about huge dicks like the Pilgrims, David Brooks, and Santa Claus.  And, of course, Roger Clemens, who I hope goes to jail for being a gigantic dick, although I suppose the formal charge would be perjury.

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2 Responses to Dickipedia

  1. Steve C says:

    Don’t forget the biggest dick of them all: Dick Cheney.

  2. Becky O says:

    this is slaying an entire tab room of people, thanks for the hook-up

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