I’m Mo-rock Yermama!

I took Linus and Lily to our Dem caucus tonight here in St. Paul. They were probably better behaved than I was, so props to them. But that’s only because they are not yet old enough to become frustrated with a group of people arguing about whether our specific precinct’s resolution on whether to impeach George Bush should be worded in a hopelessly futile way, or naively irrelevant way. Because I’m sure when our resolution is compared to that of the other 200 or whatever precincts in the state, and they meld all those into one statement to go on the platform, all our discussion will really still matter.

Fortunately I wasn’t alone with the kids, as Jane was there in her official role as the Al Franken campaign’s Precinct Captain. It’s kind of fun, seeing the genesis of a Dem party boss happen before my eyes. But when do the kickbacks start, and how do they know where to put the brown envelope?

The outcome in our precinct, which is mostly white (it is MN after all), liberal and well-educated was as such:

Hillary: 52

Edwards: 2

Obama: 198

I was surprised; I thought it would be much closer than that. But, that spread seems to be indicative of MN overall, and for some reason the same spread is holding in North Dakota as well. I have a theory about that, a completely half-baked (OK, fully baked) theory that this is a result of these states’ shared Scandinavian heritage, and Scandinavians (or at least their distant, north central U.S. descendants) don’t like conflict. Hillary is not only combative herself, she also portends a future of more partisan combat if elected. As I said, just a theory.

All this talk about “Barak Obama” has penetrated Lily’s consciousness, and she has started peppering conversation with Obama references. But, instead of calling him “Barak”, she seems to think his first name is “Marak”, which she pronounces “Mo-rock”. Not “Marak”— “Mo-rock”. She asked me in a very serious tone tonight on the way home if Mo-rock Obama would be the next President, and I told her I wouldn’t know until November. Or perhaps January, depending on the Supreme Court.

Then she told me that Obama was also her principal at school, whose name is actually Mr. Yerrama. I explained to her that, no, Mo-rock Obama is not her principal at school, and that Mr. Yerrama is her principal. To which she said, “Oh, right. It’s Mr. Yermama.”

If I can keep her talking about these guys without me laughing, I think there’s a decent chance she’ll eventually call one of them Mo-rock Yermama. And I think we can all agree that Mo-rock Yermama would be a great name for a MILF website.

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3 Responses to I’m Mo-rock Yermama!

  1. Nathan D says:

    Mmmmm, fully baked MILFs.

  2. kelly says:

    Indeed it is, but I just registered the domain name, so I’m going to need some of those brown envelopes 😉

  3. Jeff H says:

    Check the cooler marked “Flour Power” in your vestibule for brown envelopes.

    Proper infrastructure is important for the budding party boss.

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