Hot Dog Update

There are new developments in the story of the Hot Dog.  I am ashamed to tell you that I have been remiss in my reporting on the Dog, but I have two new things to report, both of which happened over two weeks ago.

The first item of note is that as of a couple weeks ago, Hot Dog was still in the car, still buried under much of the same mound of food, but with some modest new additions.  And yes, still just a short arm’s length away from the driver at all times.

And speaking of the driver, I have seen him.  I was walking out from work one day and I saw a head duck into the car a few rows away.  I had to take a fairly obvious detour to double back and pass the car, but there was no question that it was the right thing to do.  Unfortunately, what I had thought would be some sort of climactic moment of realization turned out to be a rather mundane event.  The guy looks completely normal, except he does have kind of a Freddie Mercury mustache.  But what that has to do with leaving a hot dog in your car for three months is still a mystery.

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4 Responses to Hot Dog Update

  1. blaze says:

    I think a glimpse of a Gay Porno stache would be excellent fodder…keep up the patrol.

  2. MrFares says:

    Moustachio pic required.

  3. Nathan D says:

    yeah, I mean this whole saga is (was) just begging for time lapse.

    though, I suppose on the other hand this is a massive invasion of privacy.

  4. Charley says:

    I recommend: walking throughout the entire work complex with a clipboard, occassionally looking at office equipment and writing down numbers. If anyone asks what you are doing, just say “inventory.” Find out where Freddy Moustache works and get a photo of his cubicle/office/cage. Who knows what might lurk there?

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