drum solo by buddy rich (1970)

Just trolling around on YouTube and found this tonight. This guy can drum for Stinky Nightgown any time he wants.

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  1. Steve C says:

    I’ve always had a thing with Buddy Rich. He was a great drummer, but I always thought he got more press than he deserved in the jazz scene. I always thought he was more into Buddy Rich than drumming, and would set up his solos as way to publicize him more than anything. I thought that Max Roach and Elvin Jones, Art Blakely, were better in a team environment to push the team forward. And I don’t want to play up the fact that Buddy was white, but even there, I though Gene Krupa did better on that scene. My jazz experience is not to the level of expert, but I do enjoy listening to it and I like drummers who don’t just splash around but help their bands. Even when they are completely trying to hog the spotlight, say, like Moon with the Who in a completely different genre. But Moon was never trying to make the Who “The Keith Moon Band.” He couldn’t have, anyways. So, I’m mixed about Buddy Rich.

    On the other hand, he most probably would have made Stinky Nightgown better. Had you wanted him to produce a ten-minute solo in your performances, that would work great!

  2. Steve C says:

    That being said, the man had great hands. But no legs, really.

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