Wii Will Eventually Rock Me

Linus and I have been collectively saving money to upgrade our video game system from a PS2 to something else.  The xBox 360 was the frontrunner until very recently.  After further play with the 360, I find that it’s a little more complicated than I want a gaming system to be, primarily because it has so much functionality in the profile and online play areas.  And while I can’t deny the graphics look fantastic on the 360, we’re not exactly playing on a state-of-the-art entertainment center here.

Instead, we’ve had a family discussion and we are going to invest in the Wii.  Jane even said she would kick in $50 of her money into the pot, and that sealed it.  The Wii is a better choice for a family where two of the members aren’t hard-core gamers, but still enjoy playing video games if the game and mood is right.  And the Wii works great for entertaining other guests and kids.  Plus, the Wii is cheaper.  So really, it’s a no-brainer.

The only problem is finding one.  Target, Best Buy and the like get shipments perhaps once a week, and they are gone within hours.  So the hunt is on.  But, when we get the Wii I think we will take advantage of some of the online gaming opportunities.  Anybody out there want to Wii with us?  Eventually, that is…

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5 Responses to Wii Will Eventually Rock Me

  1. Dave Kingston says:

    Kristi bought me a Wii for Christmas. I asked for one because I thought it would be fun for the whole family. Kristi doesn’t play games and Emma is only 5, so I thought it would help them get interested.

    I’m hoooked. It’s the best system ever. Easy to play, everyone likes Wii Sports (bowling, tennis, golf, baseball), and Wii Fit looks awesome. You can also buy Wii points to get just about any other Nintendo game from any system they’ve ever produced and play it on your Wii. We’re playing Super Mario brothers using our Wii-mote. There is also Wii games (darts, pool, and a duck hunt type game) but I have no experience with it.

    Spider Man 3 is a near perfect game (you use the Wii-mote and nunchuck (one in each hand) to point and cast webs to swing around new york).

    Suffice to say that Emma is the best bowler in the family on the Wii and she’s pretty good at baseball if you tell her when to swing.

    Anyway, let me know when you’re ready to Wii and I’ll send you a Wii gift.

  2. Katy says:

    I’m excited you guys are getting a Wii, you will love it. Though you should probably accept now that as with any gaming system, Linus will quickly surpass you, Doug. He figured out more stuff to do with our Wii in ten minutes than we had in a month. We just turn the Wii on at gatherings and people can entertain themselves. Much more social than other gaming systems, I think.

    We’ve been trying to find both Guitar Hero III for Wii and Rock Band for Wii, both of which are as hard if not harder to find than the Wii itself these days. Apparently Guitar Hero III got recalled because of some problem with the sound, and should be re-released soon. Then we will all Wii together.

  3. Sean says:

    Is Rock Band even available at all for Wii? I’d consider getting one if I could play Rock Band on it…

  4. Dave Kingston says:

    Rock band is sweet, but I’m telling you wii fit will lead to revolutions in video game play.

  5. David R says:

    Dave, I watched your trailer out of my respect for you, but I’m afraid your above claim has threatened your street cred with me. Push-ups, balancing, and hula-hooping have no chance of competing with laying down a smokin’ bass line to “Train kept a Rollin'”, or smashing the drums to “Sabatage”, or nailing the opening guitar riff for “Gimme Shelter.” You band mates need you, the crowd needs you, the very soul or rock needs you at times. Rock Band is hands down the best video game I’ve played in many years and perhaps the most addictive ever. Too bad I’d have to invest $600 to play it again…

    (and yes, I agree with the overall point that the Wii itself will likely revolutionize video game play…)

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