The Frontrunners?

And then there’s Mitt’s bogus anti-Mormon call campaign.  I mean, seriously, Rudy and Mitt?  It’s fun while it lasts, but doesn’t the party eventually wake up and change course?  Probably to the guy who comes out of this looking better than ever, John McCain.  Isn’t he the least flawed candidate for them in terms of being able to hold a coalition together to get the nomination, the one most capable of standing up to the rigors and scrutiny of a Presidential run?

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One Response to The Frontrunners?

  1. Jim says:

    No joke. I’ve been following the GOP preprimary season much more closely than the Dems, because the implosion is incredible; I fear Rudy a bit, but in part because he’s actually a scary fucking dude. Crazy! Romney’s absolute lack of any identifiable characteristics other than his Mormonism is somehow fascinating.

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