Legitimate Businessman

Rudy has nothing to hide, so don’t even ask.

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2 Responses to Legitimate Businessman

  1. Nathan D says:

    So, this seems like a non-story — they are saying they have confidentiality agreements with some of their clients, and what’s wrong with that? If this is the best TPM can do in digging up dirt on Rudy, he’s going to breeze through this…

  2. pipelineblog says:

    Color me skeptical that this is the end of this story. The number of Rudy associates who are either mobbed up or knee-deep in some business or ethics violation is pretty large and seems to be growing weekly. It tends to make evasive responses ring a bit hollow. And if he has nothing to hide, why the runaround between Rudy and Rudy’s firm. “They’ll tell you…unless they tell you I’ll tell you…and I won’t tell you.”

    I’m not sure what the right level of transparency should be for a Presidential candidate vs. a “normal” citizen. It’s an interesting discussion that I suspect will become more prominent the longer Rudy stays in.

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