Behold the Hot Dog

Sorry for the low photo quality, but that’s it, just to the right of center and half in the sun.  I realize this photo doesn’t really convey anything other than the fact that it exists.  You can’t see the texture, or the way it’s all one color.  It doesn’t even look like a hot dog, but as someone who saw it weeks ago I can confirm that it is.  It is now approximately half its former size, and by Thanksgiving may shrink to nothing at all.  But the mushrooms in the to-go container above them, which I just noticed yesterday, seem to be growing, mutating.


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9 Responses to Behold the Hot Dog

  1. Charley says:

    shouldn’t you report this to the police? Check the company bulliten board–have any of your co-workers gone missing? Maybe I’ve watched too much tv, but I fear you might find Larry from accounting in the trunk.

    That being said, your report of the dog was awesome and produced lots of laughter on this end.

  2. Scotch says:

    Apparently the bottle of Blue Moon was so good, he didn’t need to eat the hot dog. And I’m with Charley…if the car hasn’t moved in weeks, you may want to mention it to somebody or that nasty smell may not be the frankenfurterstein.

  3. Scotch says:

    Oh, I almost forgot…..NO!

  4. Let me be clear…the car moves every day. This hot dog has not been abandoned, it’s been adopted.

  5. Steim says:

    That’s the best part. That he/she DRIVES sitting next to that thing each and every day. Too bad its not July…that sumbitch would really be ripe then.

  6. Clint says:

    Next I want a picture of the person that drives the compost-mobile.

  7. blaze says:

    Nooo! Is the window still half rolled down?
    Could it be some type of pyscho-theft-proofing plan?

  8. Jeff H says:

    The theft-proofing plan is driving an early-model AMC Eagle.

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