Adrian Peterson Has Arrived

Today’s game between the Bears and Vikings was insane.  If you like big plays of all kinds, check out’s highlight package, which covers all the highlights.  The best running back in the NFL isn’t LaDainian Tomlinson right now.  Right now, it’s Adrian Peterson.  He’s so big and fast, but what you’ll see in the highlight package is that he makes devastating open field cuts that just break guys’ ankles.

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11 Responses to Adrian Peterson Has Arrived

  1. Dave R says:

    Holy Shee-it, that dude is crazy fast! That burst of speed on the final kick return is absolutely incredible. I knew he was fast at Oklahoma, but I assumed that would balance out in the pros.

  2. pipelineblog says:

    He’s so fast you can see guys realize they’ve taken a completely wrong angle, which means they arm tackle him if they touch him at all, and at 6-1, 217, arm tackles won’t work often.

    When Randy Moss arrived it was very clear very fast that he was the real deal, a once-in-a-lifetime force of nature to watch. Although that’s been true for much of his career, it’s hard to explain how electric he was during his rookie season. The best sign of this was from the sportswriters and announcers covering the team. You can hear the excitement in their calls and feel it in their words when they finally get the chance to see an elite player play an exciting position.

    This is fun coverage to read for Viking fans.

  3. david says:

    I didn’t realize how big he is. When you are looking at him from behind (as most defenders were yesterday), his legs are huge. The Vikings deserve a decent player after the dismal run of the past five or six years. Might be a couple of teams that wish they could re-do draft day after seeing AP over the first six weeks.

  4. Yeah, its something to watch crazy speed like that in the flesh as opposed to on TV or something. First time I ever saw high-level hockey players on the ice–WOW! Or, I went to a Royals game with McCollum and family against the M’s during Ichiro’s first year in the States. I remember watching him hit this ho-hum grounder to second base, and (since I was following the ball) being just blown away when he almost beat the damn thing out at first.

    Peterson has some serious chops. Frankly, I saw enough of him in the Big 12, but provided he stays injury free (knock on wood and thank the gods that the Mdome now has field turf), he should be giving you folks years of quality fun.

  5. brent says:

    i agree with your comments about AP, but i fear that you have put the pipeline jinx on his career. a couple of years ago i drafted troy williamson onto my fantasy team after you blogged about him, and that guy has underperformed ever since.

    the vikings might be alright if they didn’t have the worst starting QB in the NFL. i watched the game vs. dallas today, and that guy had no idea what was going on around him. more worrisome, is that after each 3 and out he appeared to want to take it easy on the sideline instead of looking at the snapshots or talking with the coaching staff.

  6. That was before people realized Williamson fundamentally couldn’t catch the ball. You’d think the Vikings would have picked up on that, but that’s what you get when you draft a WR who caught like 30 balls in college.

    Yesterday was the worst Tarvarus Jackson has been. Yes, he clearly isn’t seeing the field well, doesn’t feel pressure coming, etc. He’s quite far away from being competent. You’d think, just maybe, one way to help that guy would be to give Peterson more carries, or at least have the guy on the field on third downs as a decoy if nothing else.

    And, Jackson is Childress’s hand-picked QB talent that he traded up to get in the draft, so it’s a Brad Childress morass all the way around.

    That was a very winnable game yesterday, despite the fact the offense did virtually nothing.

  7. brent says:

    didn’t sydney rice play in the same system in college as well? they both are steve spurrier guys from south carolina, right? maybe they can combine Rice’s size and hands with Williamson’s athleticism and have an uber-reciever. Then they can trade that guy for Napolean Harris.

    Troy Aikmen nailed it at the end of the game, the only way AP is going to get more carries is if T. Jackson can convert some of those third down plays so that the offense can stay on the field.

    Given (a) the real threat of the vikings running game, and (b) the elusiveness of Jackson, I’m suprised that they don’t call more play action rollout type of plays. It would cut the field in half (narrowing the amount of coverage that Jackson has to read), and compensate for his lack of pocket presence. In fairness, I’ve only seen the Vikings play twice (only once with JAckson at QB) so maybe they do that type of thing and didn’t in this game b/c the Cowboys have so much speed at LB.

  8. Scotch says:

    Adrian Peterson is cool. But so is this collection of old Beastie Boys shit. Check it, yo:

  9. pipelineblog says:

    Brent, Rice could be a player, if they can ever get him the ball. Yesterday was the first real use of the rollouts in the offense, and Jackson did get one nice run out of one of them, but overall they never amounted to much. I’d like to think they could play-action with Peterson and hit their $18 million tight end in the flat. Would that be so hard?

    But yeah, move him around.

  10. pipelineblog says:

    Scotch, thanks for that BBoys link. Great stuff. I HIGHLY recommend the 33 1/3 series book on Paul’s Boutique, wherein you will learn that MCA nailed Madonna on that tour, among many other gems.

  11. The Fact says:

    My god! Did you see that guy? Is he a cyborg or something? Increadible performance!

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