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Friend of Pipeline CliffP sent this link my way recently.  Based on a tool created by Minnesota Public Radio, it asks you to choose between various candidates’ policies on issues, and then choose that issue’s importance to you.  It allows you to see who most conforms to your viewpoints, where they agree and disagree with you.  The interesting part isn’t so much who it shows at the top (or bottom) of your list, as it is to see which person from the other party you’d probably vote for President if you had to.

For me, that person is Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the site tells me it’s Sam Brownback instead.  I’ve analyzed the answers, and it appears that Brownback is rated so highly for me because I selected what must be his policy proposal, which is to slowly draw down troops and divide Iraq up into perhaps three smaller areas.  Maybe that wasn’t such a good selection, considering Sam Brownback’s the only one who supports that position.  Maybe I need to read up on the whole partition idea before I choose that as my policy.

I have a hunch I don’t support immediate withdrawal, because if you know a vacuum at least it’s better to have a little time to prepare for it, and leaving will create a vacuum.  When I change that answer Chris Dodd shoots even higher on my list, and the only thing keeping him from having a unanimous stranglehold on all the issues for me is the line-item veto.  And I see that the line-item veto is the only thing I have in common now with Fred Thompson.  Maybe I need to rethink my position on that.

Changing my Iraq answer moves Rudy to the top spot on my list of the GOP candidates, which makes sense on some levels, because he’s actually a Democrat.  But I really dislike Rudy, and liked it better when it was Brownback, who at least seems sincere and not a con man like Rudy.


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7 Responses to Select Your Candidate

  1. Scotch says:

    Consider me a BFF of the LMC if it ever rises. Arcade Fire had a killer set at Cocachella last year. With that many talents, we’ll see if they can avoid any ego clashes going forward, but so far so excellent.

  2. brent says:

    Kucinich was the top of my list and Brownback was on the bottom, so it didn’t miss me by much in terms of results. But the questions in that survey were terrible.

  3. Jeff H says:

    My first impulse was to agree with Brent. The survey sucked. A question about Iraq, but no question about vision for Middle East relations? A simple yes/no on universal health care? Alternative energy, fine, but no vision for what to do about global warming, or anything environmental, for that matter. A “no position” on Social Security privatization, but on no other issue. Four options for immigration, but none that didn’t stress tightening security. And a constitutional marriage amendment.

    Of course, the survey just aggregates stated policy positions from declared candidates. Maybe the survey is pretty educational, after all.

  4. pipelineblog says:

    Jeff, I think you’re exactly right, the policy options are pretty much direct from the candidates themselves. Obviously, there are more candidates than policy options per question, so there are probably some candidates whose positions aren’t listed, but there’s also probably a lot of overlap.

    Yes, a very good illustrator for what the various policy options are. The Dems sure got scared on immigration, apparently.

  5. mrfares says:

    Surely Mike Gravel must have a photo available with his mouth closed.

    I suppose that by picking the Dem positions and then holding out my “very important” rank for a more important issue that never materialized I ended up as someone’s ideal voter profile. And that person is either Chris Dodd or Al Gore.

  6. david says:

    It is a simplistic design, but it’s probably more nuianced than anything I’ve heard from the candidates so far…

    I was surprised to see I line up fairly closely with Christopher Dodd (supposedly). Perhaps I’ll give him a look. And John McCain is the anti-Beimers.

  7. pipelineblog says:

    I have enjoyed seeing some of the distinctions between lefty types I know. Funny, most everybody so far is either a Dodd or Kucinich person. Where’s the John Edwards love?

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