The Coors Light Press Conferences

It took awhile, but I’ve definitely come around on the Coors light campaign that takes footage from past NFL head coach press conferences. I like several of them, and I picked this one more or less at random, though I also wanted to pay tribute to the recently-passed Bill Walsh, whose book I borrowed from Pipeline Person BradT six years ago and still hope to read one day.

This weekend I saw the first use of Denny Green’s famous “They Are Who We Thought They
Were!” meltdown from last year, which I watched with Friend of Pipeline TomB in a DC bar on a memorable night. There’s a pretty good parody of it on YouTube, a subgenre of comedy that I think has enormous potential.

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  1. Charley says:

    I had this dream last night that I was reading your blog and you had written one of your “tales of misspent youth” and in this one there was a kid who had white poop. I woke up then, but now I’m hoping you’ll post a story about white poop, whatever that may be.

    I, too, like the commercials, but not enough to drink Coors Light.

  2. Sean says:

    Best part of Saturday Night Live this past weekend was that they slipped “C. Micah Kring” past Standards and Practices.

  3. Sean says:

    Wait…did you edit this post? Now my comment just seems random. Uh, more random.

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