AC Drove Again

I’m trying to think of a historical parallel to O.J. Simpson, and I don’t think there is one.  He’s simply the most famous pariah ever.  Yeah, even more than Hitler, and I’m prepared to argue that point if anybody wants to go.  The real point being, the O.J. story is perhaps the most bizarre of the last 20 years.  I mean, his murder victim’s parents just published a book the murderer wrote, in order to fulfill his sentence in a civil proceeding.  You can’t make stuff like that up.  Oh, and the murderer won the Heisman Trophy and was in Naked Gun and had a slow-speed chase broadcast on national TV.  I hope it’s the only trial verdict I’ll ever hear in my life that will make me remember where I was when I heard it.  (Wendy’s drive-through in Roseville, MN.)

Among the many unbelievable aspects of the O.J. Simpson saga is that it isn’t over yet.

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