The Holy Grail of Rock Reunions

Pipeline Person KellyR just sent me a link to this story in Rolling Stone, which features details about a full Led Zeppelin reunion in November. Of course a “full” reunion isn’t possible considering John Bonham’s condition has not improved, but it is noteworthy in itself that John Paul Jones will be playing with Page and Plant again. And hey, it’s pretty storybook that the dead drummer’s son will sit in for him on drums. I don’t know if Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey have kids, but if so it’s possible we could one day see The Who, only it will be progeny of the original members. It’s my understanding that’s the deal with Australian Pink Floyd, that it’s a band comprised entirely of offspring of original Pink Floyd members, all conceived during various Australian tours.

Anyway, if you read that Rolling Stone story you will see that this is in fact called “what must surely be the Holy Grail of rock reunions.” When I read that, I immediately thought of one of my favorite Onion pieces.

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11 Responses to The Holy Grail of Rock Reunions

  1. Pete and Roger both have daughters. Well, Pete has a son now as well, but he is something like four years old.

  2. “People tried to put ’em d-down…Talkin’ bout my parents’ generation”

  3. kelly says:

    I love the onion story photo accompanying it. The picture of the gate to the secret vault… The onion sure knows their audience.

  4. steim says:

    There’s a joke in there somewhere about Pete and his 4 year old son, but I’ll be damned if I can find it.

  5. brien hays says:

    “May be necessary to slaughter Jimmy Buffet to appease rock gods, if they command it so.”


  6. Jim says:

    I’m behind on this thread, but oh well.

    Chuck Klosterman interviewed Robert Plant, and in asking about his initial reunion with Page, he asked this question, and Plant replied:

    CK: But couldn’t you have toured with Page, Jones, and Bonham’s son Jason on drums?

    RP: But what the fuck for? John Bonham’s kid isn’t as good as John Bonham. Look, I know you’re a journalist, so I’ll go along with this question…My time is so important that I can’t compromise my taste–or my idea of what’s right–simply to match someone else’s view of what’s a good, calculated move. And can you imagine what a lumbering monster that tour would have been? It would have been quite sluttish to come back firing like a bunch of hard rockers.

    I wonder what changed? And, for the record, “lumbering monster” is a freaking awesome turn of phrase.

  7. I suspect the money changed. Plus, maybe John Bonham’s kid got better.

  8. kelly says:

    Well there’s no tour yet, and apparently the concert is for charity. Maybe doing it for the goodness of their souls, or redemption from prior sins as they get older.

  9. Redemption from prior sins? They’ll have to do a lot of charity tours to atone for what happened with the fish in Seattle. (Yes, I read Hammer of the Gods…)

    I take them at their word. They held off for a long time, practiced for a one-time gig, and liked how it was going. Yes, I think a lot of bands do reunions simply to cash in (and who can blame them), but I think it’s likely that they actually do enjoy playing together again in some instances.

    Or maybe they just miss the groupies. Again, who can blame them?

  10. notchris says:

    this is the sort of thing that validates my anti-establishment dislike of Led Zepplin in HS. while I have come to enjoys some of their music, the whole Zep culture and mythology leaves me dry (to quote Polly Jean).

    Full disclosure: my first 45 was “Immigrant Song” given to me by a now-forgotten babysitter.

  11. nikki says:

    Maybe they miss the groupies.
    LOL !

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