Addicted to Wallpaper

I finally got tired of looking at the pre-installed wallpaper photos that came with our computer, and commenced using the internets to trade up.  This is the first site I went to, and it was so good I just kept adding wallpaper photo after wallpaper photo, and truthfully I haven’t stopped yet.  I have a wallpaper addiction problem.  Animals, waterfalls, beaches, classical architecture, I’ve got it all, and I see a random slice of it every five minutes.

Damn, there are some fantastic photos out there to use, and a lot of the people have multiple pictures available, which is nice when you run into somebody who focuses on a place you love like the Oregon coast.  I’ve come to accept that there are many wonderful places in the world I will never see, and a great photograph is probably as close as I’ll come to some of them.

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2 Responses to Addicted to Wallpaper

  1. Clint says:

    You know, that is funny because last weekend I got sick of looking at the same old Windows XP themes. When XP came out, they sort of rushed it out the door as it relates to various addon type things, such as extra themes. As such, it shipped with only two. Very drab and boring. So I went looking on teh Internets and found a program called WindowBlinds. Apparently, people like me also got sick of looking at the boring old Windows XP colors and started developing these packages to replace darn near every part of it. It is free (for 60 days) and you can find it at The themes are downloaded elsewhere. So getting back to your story, this has been MY addiction for a week. Every day I get a new theme for my computer, both at home and at work. FUN!

  2. mrfares says:

    Computers are available without the RBC logo Leo wallpaper?

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