Pipeline Outing: Blitzen Trapper, September 26, Turf Club

Blitzen Trapper is playing the Turf Club in St. Paul on Wednesday, September 26. Tickets look like they will be $8, but they aren’t on sale yet. I’m wondering if any Pipeline People of the local persuasion would be interested in attending that show. I’m hoping it will reach official Pipeline Outing status, which is when three or more Pipeline People are in the same place.

I like Blitzen Trapper’s new record Wild Mountain Nation about as much as Pitchfork did, which is to say a lot. And there’s some pretty decent YouTube stuff of theirs, too. Turf Club! In fact, I like the record so much it looks like I’m choosing Blitzen Trapper over Metric, who’s playing First Avenue on the same night. Why?!

September is turning into an unexpected live music flurry. Jane, her friends Rhonda and Debbie, and Debbie’s 13 year old son Billy Joe are going to see the Flaming Lips at a crazy new suburban live music nightclub in Maplewood called Myth. Jane, Debbie and Billy Joe, plus me and Linus, saw the Flaming Lips last year at the Minnesota State Fair, a very different venue. I would have to say that concert was one of the top 3 I’ve ever seen, and I think Jane and Debbie, who have seen a fair number of shows, both agreed. So they know what a Flaming Lips show might be like in a smaller club, though who knows what the band is doing 12 months later.

Rhonda, on the other hand, has very little experience with shows, and for the most part her musical world stopped in the 1980’s. When I asked her if she’d seen any live shows before, she thought for a moment and mentioned Air Supply at some kind of amusement park. So this is going to be an interesting experience for her, not just to see a “modern rock show”, but to see a band that places a premium on audience entertainment and visual stimulation. And besides that, a band that just really kicks ass. She borrowed several of our Flaming Lips CDs to learn the songs. I don’t know that she’ll necessarily become a regular listener of newer music, but at the very minimum she will now know the song, “She Don’t Use Jelly”. I expect her to have a pretty good time. My advice to her and everybody going to shows is: wear earplugs.

Billy Joe, for his part, is getting out to more and more live music, which I think is great for him and great for those of us who go with him. His last concert was Slayer and Marilyn Manson. His primary interest was in Slayer, who I’ve also seen (16 years ago) and thought was excellent.  He was not attending the show on my recommendation, however.  He came up with that on his own.

The end of the month concludes with LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire who are playing Roy Wilkens Auditorium in St. Paul on September 30th. I just bought the tickets via Ticketmaster, and I will just conclude the post now before I go on a 5 minute dirge about the “convenience fees” they charge. Better be a great show…

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2 Responses to Pipeline Outing: Blitzen Trapper, September 26, Turf Club

  1. pipelineblog says:

    As an addendum to this story, Jane informed me last night that Billy Joe has now made the decision to become “Will”. The authors of Freakonomics would probably have predicted that decision.

    Also, Jane came home with the news that “Will” is now interested in borrowing every Led Zeppelin CD I own. That ought to keep him busy for awhile.

    I remember when I told my friend Ian a few years ago that I was reading the Lord of the Rings series for the first time, and he said he was envious that I was able to experience them for the first time. Maybe not necessarily envious, but you know what I mean. And that’s how I feel about Rhonda and Willie Joe seeing and hearing all this music for the first time. Whether they end up liking this particular music or not isn’t so much the point; at least in Will’s case, the best thing is that he’s eagerly propelling himself to different areas of interest now.

  2. Kelly says:

    Wish I could be there for Blitzen …. have fun!!! I want to hear all about it.

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