The header on Pipeline right now is from my kindergarten photo. Last night was the first time I had ever seen it. For some reason it is the only class photo missing from my parents’ books, and I just assumed it lost to the ages until a friend from grade school that I reconnected with at my reunion sent it to me along with other reunion photos. I thought that was pretty cool. Unfortunately he also sent our middle school class picture, which I would have preferred I never see again. The old header photo had been up awhile, and I figured I’d throw a part of this photo up till I came up with something else. I have good intentions to have more variety of headers, hopefully quality variety, but intentions never get me there as much as they should.

Yes, I am in the picture. No, I am not the kid with the glasses.

The old picture was taken at KellyR’s wedding on the Oregon coast. NateD is standing at the mic, giving it a last test minutes before a wedding that concluded exactly as the sun dipped into the water. It was a great moment and an incredible visual scene that unfolded gradually as we emerged out of the brush of the camp and looked across the sand towards him. I wish the photo wasn’t so washed out, something I attribute firstly to lack of skill and equipment on my part, and also the fact that I’m shooting into the sun. I didn’t have this impression at the time, but seeing the photo always makes me think of those atomic tests they used to do in the Pacific.

Nate at mic

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9 Responses to Header

  1. Stanton says:

    I was worried that was Jane in the x-ray specs up front.

  2. pipelineblog says:

    If I come across such a photo of Jane, it might appear here.

  3. Steim says:

    That has to be you in the front, 2nd from right.

  4. pipelineblog says:

    It’s the shirt, isn’t it?

  5. steim says:

    Yeah, but its mostly the fact that its buttoned all the way up to the collar.

  6. My god, you’re right. Uncool before I even hit the primary grades.

  7. Clint says:

    Is that Charlie right above you in the red shirt next to Mrs. Holloman. She is dead now, if you were wondering. She used to go over to my Mom and Dad’s house to pick peonies every year, so I saw here all the way through high school.

    I see others in the photo that might be Jeff, Lori West, Ben . . . somebody(the geek with glasses), and maybe Jesse Adams. The rest are just a blur in my brain.

  8. Top row right to left, Charlie, Lori West, Unknown Girl, Mary Cornell, Jesse Adams, Erica Thompson. Bottom row, yes that’s Ben in the glasses, and I’m next to Ginger Ashton. Jeff, Clifford Anderson, Luis Salazar and Michelle Hefner are all on the bottom row, which I couldn’t fit in the header.

  9. brent says:

    probably some problem with my browser, but the top row of the photo is cropped off awkwardly.

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