Mafia Intervention

Jane and I are steadily working our way though the Sopranos.  Last night we watched episode 10 of season 4, which is the Christopher intervention episode.  I know what fate awaits Christopher, and also know that Tony’s connection with animals plays prominently in the shows story arc, so it’s a pivotal episode in the grand scheme of things.  But you’ve got to love David Chase for writing a script where Christopher gets beat up when trying to score some heroin, then gets beaten up even worse at his intervention.  That’s just outstanding.  I think he might have made it through unscathed if he hadn’t insulted his (or any) Italian mother.

Oh, and have fun in rehab, Chrissie, since you can’t discuss any of the reasons why you have an H problem in the first place, and you’ve also got Patsy waiting to kill you if you bolt.  Good times.

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