Back to School

Today was Linus’s first day of third grade.  Summers are great, but it’s also nice to get into the routine the school year provides.  Next year Lily will join Linus in the big school, something she can barely wait for, although I think her main motivation is simply to get on the bus with him in the mornings.

Speaking of school, earlier this year I wrote about an opportunity Linus had to attend the St. Paul magnet school for “gifted” children.  Many Pipeline People commented on that post, although now it seems the Eddie Griffin comment string is squatting there–more fun with WordPress comment sections.  But, since many of you wrote to me on and offline about the subject, I think I should update the story.

We kept Linus in his current school.  It was an excruciatingly difficult decision, the hardest one we’ve had to face as parents thus far, which overall is a good thing.  There were a number of factors that led us to stay, but the main one is that we don’t think it makes sense to leave a place where we are happy unless we have a very good sense of what we would be stepping in to.  And frankly, just knowing that the other school is “great”, and that there are only “gifted” kids there isn’t enough to compel us to make the change.  Linus is already at a well-regarded magnet school that’s in our neighborhood, that he and we enjoy.  It’s all set for Lily to go to school there without having to enter the lottery, and we feel more a part of the community each year.

Once we finally made the decision, I think it was a huge relief to us and to Linus.  If Lily tests in to the “gifted” school after kindergarten, we’ll revisit the decision, because then they could both go.  But basically we haven’t looked back since we made the decision.  We like his school and we are excited for the year and years to come.

Another first day of school, another picture by the tree…


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  1. david says:

    Okay, what’s the story with the new header photo?

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