A bull got loose at the Minnesota State Fair today. It was real pissed off, as all bulls are by law, and ran among shocked fairgoers for about a minute after it broke loose. Then it set its sights on a particular fairgoer, pictured below:


But the bull’s target jumped out of the way at the last second, and the bull instead set its sights on a fire hydrant, also pictured below, presumably because it was red and waving a cape and taunting the bull:

I will kill the bull

For those who don’t know, the Minnesota State Fair isn’t like your state fair. It is its own unique event, the largest fair in the country by any number of measurements, including the number of foods you can buy on a stick. Jane and I were just there Wednesday night, and Jane’s there right now with her friends for Annual Drunk Night at the Fair. I’ve seen a lot of strange things at the fair, including the Flaming Lips, BB King, deep-fried candy bars, and a carney with two heads. But I’ve never seen an angry bull in full run who took on a fire hydrant and lost.

Now, added to the long list of Things I Must See at the fair will be the fire hydrant that felled the bull.

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