The Replacements – 1981 – 7th Street Entry

This one’s for the Minnesota Pipeline Crew; they know who they are. This is some remarkable footage of the Replacements playing at the 7th Street Entry in 1981. The video doesn’t give you a great perspective on how small the Entry is; for those who haven’t been there, it might hold 200 people. Might. The Entry is a little side room situated next to First Avenue; the door to the room is on 7th Street, thus the name. You get a two-song bonus on this one, including “Goddamn Job” and “Junior’s Got A Gun”. Fans of the ‘Mats will note how young Tommy Stinson looks, and also that the band obviously had not started drinking yet on this night.

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  1. Steim says:

    From the Twin/Tone website (explaining the show from which this clip came):
    During the first week of September 1981, Twin/Tone took the mobile recording unit and rented a bunch of video gear and recorded 15 bands live (five nights) at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis… These QuickTime movies are from the show on September 5th. The band had released “Sorry Ma…” earlier in the year and were already working on future projects. These clips are presented as they were recorded live… in set order and very much with the tuning that troubled the night. The Replacements were the middle band of three (Husker Du closed the show) and played two 25 minute sets.

    Tommy turned 15 the month after this show.

    Also, as you may already know, Jim Walsh wrote a book on the Mats that’s coming out in October. Should be a good one.

  2. I heard some good interviews on NPR with one of the Twin/Tone owners, and suspected this was where the footage came from given the venue and high film quality (and sobriety of the band). Thanks for confirming.

    Yes, I think all 50 minutes of their footage from that night is up on YouTube in various slices. A real time capsule-type treasure for Replacements fans. I suppose the Husker Du footage is probably just as good, but I haven’t searched for that yet.

    Part of rock and roll history at age 14, and now slumming as the bass player for Guns N’ Roses…

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