One of the downfalls of being a parent of a school-age child is the experience of shopping for school supplies.  This is particularly true, as is always the case with us, when the school supply list arrives so late that the school supply aisles at Target have been completely raided of virtually everything on your list.  I say virtually because 75% of what you want is actually there, it’s just the last one of it’s kind remaining, and it’s been placed two aisles over in the wrong bin.  It’s a complete fiasco every year.

Sometimes, however, there are more eclectic items on the supply list that don’t suffer from such demand.  For instance, you can usually count on target having the ziplock bags, the kleenex, and so on.  And, he’s going into third grade, so the list is getting a little more sophisticated, too.  We did his school shopping last night; this year we had to get him a compass.  Unfortunately Target only carries a very cheap little plastic compass that’s part of a keychain, or a nice, $10 map reading compass.  No middle option.

Obviously, the cheap one will be broken immediately, and if he’s going to be using a compass he might as well have a good one.  So we bought the good one.

And just as obviously, and Jane pointed out to me tonight, they probably meant for us to get him the circle-making type of compass.  I’m glad she realized that before we delivered all the stuff tomorrow, as that would probably not create a great impression of us as intelligent parents for his new teacher.  It would, though, show that we take our orienteering seriously enough to buy the best compass Target sells.

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6 Responses to Compass

  1. Jeff H says:

    And Linus will be set when the district has to suspend bus service and he has to find his own way home.

  2. steim says:

    Does the school require a moral compass as well?

  3. Being a non-religious school, it does not. But it does require an Inclusive Protractor.

  4. kelly says:

    I think that Compass could end up being a good thing. While materialism is generally bad, having some back-to-school item that is unique in some way can be a great ice breaker. “whats that?” and “where did you get it?” can be great ways to meet other kids; as long as it isn’t the pink over sized backpack that was handed down from a cousin. If you sent him in with a light saber, that shit is going to get confiscated. But a compass? No teacher would object to it, and how many grade schoolers know what the hell a compass is these days? GPS sure; but GPS doesn’t know magnetic north…. send him in with a kitchen magnet he can have some cuties hold….

    Ohhh…… I might be a nerdy, obtuse Dad…. strike 7.

  5. david says:

    Question… where is he going to school this year?

    We had to buy all sorts of strange stuff for school this year… dry erase markers (2, black only), paper towels, four combination locks (2 each), one red sharpie, graph paper (spiral bound), and various other new items… I’m just waiting for the day that pda’s and mp3 players start showing up on school lists (you know, for the podcasts of class notes).

  6. Charley says:

    It occurs to me that there is room here for Linus’s next joke:

    Q. What is the nastiest school supply?
    A. The compASS!

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