Story of Doug, Jane, Linus, and Lily

This is a movie to introduce my family at my 20th high school reunion this weekend, which they will not be attending. The movie is actually over after the “Thanks for watching…” screen, but the song continues all the way to the end.

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  1. Charley says:

    very sweet. Congrats on the award.

  2. kelly says:

    Very cool. It would be sweet to have something like this periodically to archive your family. Nicely done. So are you going to hand our DVD’s at the event or simply sneak the video into the MC’s presentation.

  3. pipelineblog says:

    It’s on my iPod, so I’ll just have people look at that.

    I work with several sarcasm-challenged people, many of whom gave me sincere congratulations on my award after seeing the movie.

    “That’s amazing that Linus didn’t remember any of that!”

  4. Jeff H says:

    You won that? Wow. I didn’t get nearly that far, but at least I still have my gray Second Runner-Up MN Father of the Year, Novelty Division (2004) t-shirt to document my moment in the sun.

  5. Scotch says:

    Awesome job of setting the kids up with the ‘Father of the Year’ bit. Very hilarious. I know how you feel though, I keep petitioning People magazine to expand their ‘100 Most Beautiful People’ issue to 101, but year after year I get the snub job. Oh, so close.

  6. mrfares says:

    I think it’s nice you took the family on a camping trip for that. It must have been tough shooting in the tent during that windstorm.

  7. Tony Emerson says:

    Very nice movie. Had a great time seeing and being with you and CJ at the reunion. I hope your drive back to Minnesota was uneventful and non-Madden-ing.

  8. Nathan D says:

    An “A” for sheer charm, but C+ at best for the backdrops. Good thing the charm outweighs the set dressings…

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