Baseball Cube

I’m not sure how many Pipeline People have a need to do online baseball research, but for those who do I suggest you check out the Baseball Cube.  It has replaced as my primary research site.  The primary benefit for me is the inclusion of minor league histories for major league players, something baseball-reference doesn’t do, though I have to admit their site is spruced up of late, something I suspect the Cube had something to do with in one way or another.

This will be useful to approximately two people, who may already be all over the Cube.  Carry on.

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  1. pipelineblog says:

    This isn’t my favorite song from their debut, but it’s one of the better live videos on YouTube. I think it gives a sense of their youth and the fact that what it on the record is what comes through live. It’s amazing how much vitriol there is against these guys, probably a result of the HUGE hype they received before their record came out. But sometimes even great bands have great publicists.

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