Different Girl

I’m late on this promise, but my mom wanted to see a picture of Lily with her new haircut.  It was her first major “style” cut, and for a few days afterwards she was fond of walking around the house, flipping her hair and saying, “I look so different.”  And she did.  But now I see her with long hair and it’s hard to remember her that way, even though it was only a month ago.


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2 Responses to Different Girl

  1. kelly says:

    I’m not your Mom, so this may sound weird, but I dig Lily’s new haircut. She lost a little of that ‘wild child’ freedom, but I bet she’s feeling a little older, and more like her brother with adult hairdo’s and what not.

  2. Yes, I think she felt a little more “grown up” as a result. Plus, if her brother gets haircuts, that’s good enough for her.

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