For A Good Time, Call Darko

Jane and I have a large white board in our kitchen, and on that board are several phone numbers.  It’s the kind of list that’s ultimately useless, because you either already know the numbers by heart, or you have them programmed into your phone, or they are places you feel like you need to know the number for but never call.  Like Poison Control.  Good number to have around, but when did you last call Poison Control?

What you end up with is a static mass of writing on a white board that stays there so long people stop actually looking at it.  Recently I was standing in my kitchen, drinking some water while I absent-mindedly stared through the board.  Then my eyes readjusted and focused on the phone list.  Right in the middle of it, somebody had erased an old name and number and written “Darko Milicic 0114384721”.  I can’t explain all the reasons why this is funny other than to say it is always generically funny to submit an obscure but famous person’s name to a list, and that Darko was the subject of much humor in my fantasy basketball league the last few years.

I don’t know who did it.  It’s a short list of suspects, but it is a list.  I don’t know when they did it.  Who knows how long that joke sat primed before the payoff came?  But come it did.

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2 Responses to For A Good Time, Call Darko

  1. Charley says:

    awesome. my vote is Cliff.

  2. Jim says:

    I noticed that when I was there; awesome. I also agree that Cliff is the prime suspect, unless Ian was at your house recently.

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