Culver’s G.I.

This last weekend Jane and I were in a Culver’s in Wisconsin. Culver’s is the home of the ButterBurger (my typical version is 575 calories), and yes, they are delicious. They also serve outstanding custard, so you can deduce from the Wisconsin location and the menu that there weren’t a lot of ideal physical specimens in the house.

While we were there we saw a couple guys who were in full combat fatigues. I assume they were in the National Guard. It’s strange when the military and civilian worlds collide in such mundane places. They were catching a lot of stares from the patrons, me included. Part of that was the guys being in fatigues; part of it was the fact they all seemed huge and impressive compared to the rest of us doughy schlubs whose pants and tops didn’t match at all.

But mostly, I couldn’t help but take long look at a guy who might be having his last custard before he enters a war that didn’t need to happen.

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One Response to Culver’s G.I.

  1. Phil says:

    They’ve got salads at Culver’s!

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