The Summer07 Mix Cometh

We are up to 18 songs now, including my as-yet undetermined selection.  Jump fast on those last 2 spots, Pipeline People! 

All songs selected thus far are available on iTunes.  I have given the lineup a preliminary listen so far, and although we sometimes veer dangerously close to “Adult Slacker Contemporary”, I think the overall mix is going to be strong and diverse.  Surpassing the Pipeline People Mix 1.0 is a tall order, but I think with a couple more strong selections it’s a possibility. 

Speaking of strong selections, courtesy of Friend of Pipeline ChrisZ I have learned that Atlanta has a new CBA team.  The team is owned by Freedom Williams, former mastermind of C+C Music Factory, and has just named former NBA and Georgia Tech star Kenny Anderson as it’s coach.  The team name?  The Atlanta Krunk.  Crunk,  as you know, refers not just to a musical genre with origins in the Atlanta/dirrrty south region, but also to various portmanteaus of words like “crazy” or “chronic” and “drunk”. 

Thus, crunk.  But what is “Krunk”?  In the mid-1990’s the term was a shorthand for “Kremlin Drunk”, a reference to Boris Yeltsin’s vodka-soaked term as leader of that shithole of a country called Russia.  (Sorry, Russians, but it’s true and you know it.  Your country is run by criminals, literally, and the streets are not safe to walk on for pedestrians.  Plus, no rock and roll bands worth anything at all, TV is still run by the state, and every single journalist in the country has died of mysterious causes.  It’s a shithole.)  If someone said you were Krunk in 1997, you had probably just polished off a couple bottles of Stoli, wrecked your local economy, and started an ethnic purge somewhere in the south. 

But this is a new era, and Krunk has been reclaimed by a new generation.  While some would maintain the “crunk with a K” decision is simply a way for Atlanta to pay homage to it’s Crunk Heritage without overtly using the name “crunk”, the real truth may lie in Kenny Anderson and Freedom Williams’ passion for Armenian politics and culture.

Either that, or some crazy dumbass (crumbass) in Atlanta doesn’t know how to spell “crunk”.  

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6 Responses to The Summer07 Mix Cometh

  1. Jim says:

    It is my understanding from friends previously posted in Moscow that, while your criticisms are all accurate, you can nevertheless get unbelievably great vodka for cheap, and that Russian women are hot.

  2. Jim says:

    And, I might add, you’ve severely cut into the Russian readership of Pipeline with this post, and possibly put yourself on the hit list of one of the 8 guys who own 90% of Russia’s economy.

  3. Kelly says:

    I’m know sports enthusiast, but I do like the dirrty south. Given I’m not much a clubber the crunk doesn’t resonate with me. I love Chappelle’s parodies of lil jon though. As a branding voyeur gotta say that the “krunk” better work in the short term. Can you imagine if the LA Lakers were named the Flappers, Jitterbugs, or the Folkies?

  4. Wait, I thought “Adult Slacker Contemporary” was what we were going for. I mean, doesn’t that pretty much describe the core demographic of your readership to a T?

  5. DaveSimon says:

    I read this and immediately confused “Krunk” with “Krump.” (Thanks to for straightening me out). But I would like to see the Atlanta Krump (or, more likely, the L.A. Krump) in action — complete with decorative face painting as part of the uniform.

  6. Scotch says:

    I’ve stopped using iTunes since they still cripple all their music with DRM; which means it can’t be shared or played on non-Apple devices. I’m a Mac-guy, but that just ain’t right. Check out eMusic if you want to download the songs instead. You may have a hard time getting Britney’s latest, but they’ve got some sweet selections; all for thirty-three cents. Plus, tons of free sampler albums from indie labels and all in user-friendly mp3 formats.

    That being said, add my track “Scorpio” by the Kashmere Stage Band to the mix. Check it, yo.

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