Bond Entrance

I’ve seen most of the James Bond movies, but I’m not a person who would typically get too caught up in a “Who Is the Best Bond” discussion.  It’s clearly Connery, but if people don’t agree I’m not going to bother getting into some protracted discussion about it.

Daniel Craig is fun to watch as Bond.  There is a scene where he’s chasing this guy and instead of running through the open door, decides it’s faster to blast through a piece of drywall with his body.  It’s hysterically funny, but Craig is so intense I give him the benefit of the doubt, and in fact Bond does catch the guy in the end, murdering him and several other people in cold blood.  Bond never used to do that kind of thing, but things are messier now, and it’s up to Dame Judy Dench to frown at Bond and be exasperated.

If you like Bond, it’s worth seeing.  I like the Bond series generally, but I have always felt the movies would benefit substantially by ditching the change-of-pace romantic interludes that go on and on.  I’m not saying there can’t be sex; he’s James Bond, after all.  I’m just saying it should be in context, like the hookup the assassin has in the original Day of the Jackal.  This jet-setting off to Tahiti or wherever in the middle of each movie just kills the momentum.

I walked by some newly-installed sheetrock walls yesterday and laughed at the image of myself busting through the wall Bond-style into the meeting happening on the other side.  But I’m pretty certain I would get fired and injured if I did that, so I just used the door.  Dame Judy Dench would have been proud.

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11 Responses to Bond Entrance

  1. schmelly says:

    loved Casino Royal.. he makes the other bonds look like waiters rather then stud muffin spies. It was also nice that the really dumb sex jokes were missing.. you actually believed that this guy was kicking ass. I have never much liked past bond movies, but this one was really good, and not just because he is soooo purty to look at. My only complaint is his love interest needed to have a sandwich or a vitamin or sumthun.

  2. pipelineblog says:

    He’s definitely a more physical, intimidating presence than any previous Bond, which I agree is an improvement.

    I thought his love interest (Eva Green) seemed about 19. But, the scene where she’s in front of the mirror taking off her makeup was interesting, I thought. I almost actually believed they cared about each other. And with the makeup, she was a generic Bond girl; without it, she was quite stunning.

  3. Scotch says:

    Add my thumbs up to Mr. Craig as the new Bond. The ‘hole in the chair’ torture scene was so simplistic, but made me cringe much more than Blofeld aiming a laser at Sean Connery’s crotch. But I like the little inside joke when he’s reading a telegram about their mission and says her alias is Helena Broadchest.

    All that, plus running through drywall.

  4. Jim says:

    Just saw Casino Royale–I agree strongly with Shelly on this. I have never been a Bond fan, really, but thought this movie was very good and that Daniel Craig was totally awesome; by far the best Bond, IMO. The biggest part of it is that he was a straight-up killer; he chokes a guy to death in a bathroom! I love that they moved past the neatness of Bond’s murders in this one.

    Also, I agree totally that without the makeup Eva Green was almost terrifyingly hot. With it, just hot. Without it–wow.

  5. Katy says:

    The moment where Craig comes out of the water in his tight bathing suit was both an entertaining role-reversal and fairly hot, as well.

    Sean Connery was a good Bond but I never liked his accent. Craig is so much more athletic and physical, there were a lot of things he did that Pierce Brosnan could never do because he was too British and dignified.

    My only complaint is that the plot was needlessly complex… Doug didn’t mention that after the movie was over, Brad and I launched into what is probably round 3 of heated discussion about what actually happened in the movie. I’m still right, btw, if you’re reading this, Brad. 🙂

  6. pipelineblog says:

    I fully admit that not only did I not understand the plot, I didn’t even make an attempt to follow it much. Once Bond started crashing through drywall and jumping off of and onto sky cranes, I decided the particular reasons why he was doing this didn’t matter.

  7. brent says:

    I’m with Katy and Brad. Gretchen fell asleep and I was unwilling to rewatch the movie to resolve my own questions, but I was left confused regarding exactly what happened and why. That did not diminish my appreciation of the movie one bit.

  8. Jeff says:

    I was unable to fathom why MI5 would have built a GUI to allow M and others at MI5 to observe Bond’s unauthorized activities in the system, logged in as M. That would have taken some doing to pull off, and I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when those requirements were discussed. “But if we know it’s an intruder, why wouldn’t we just want to be able to kick him off the system?”

    That said, loved the movie, drywall and all. Also, don’t forget about the scene in which Bond realizes he’s been poisoned and takes countermeasures, starting with a salt shaker and a glass of water and ending with the defibrillator in his car. This guy puts the Michael Moore Bond to shame.

    Just kidding. I know it was Dudley.

  9. kelly says:

    Best bond movie ever.

  10. quinton says:

    Loved it. Saw it twice in the theaters. Both times the crowd was in to it. After the Drywall Breakthrough everybody laughed both times. When the movie was over we were ready for the next one. Eva was great. The train ride was a fantastic introduction. I’d have to say the shower scene was one of the most touching things in a Bond Movie. This flick was well-rounded and entertaining. Gotta love the Bond learning to be Bond parts (the vesper, the dinner jacket, shaken versus stirred, winning the astin martin). The only part that was hard for me was the Texas Hold’em. Seeing it so much on ESPN made me feel it wasn’t regal enough for Bond to be playing in that fancy casino to save the world from the Terrorist. The USA should have sent Greg Raymer or Phil Ivey instead of Jeffrey Wright if they were really concerned about Le Chiffre 🙂

  11. martha says:

    I agree with Shelly that Eva Green needed a sandwich.

    But, other than that, the movie rocked.

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