Twins are 2-0

I’m not going to commit to any specific Twins coverage this season, but know that I am following the team very closely.  Know that.  Tonight the Twins scratched out a couple runs, got a solid start from Boof Bonser, and put on another vulgar display of bullpen power to take down the Baltimore Orioles.  The Twins bullpen is just all kinds of nasty from front to back; the key will be getting enough innings out of the non-Santana portion of the rotation to keep all the arms fresh.

Daniel Cabrera, the Orioles’ 25 year-old starter tonight, is a real handful.  The Twins all had to be breathing easier once he was out of the game.  The Orioles have completely rebuilt their bullpen this year by offering three year deals to several middling vets like Scott Williamson, John Parrish, Chad Bradford, and Jamie Walker.  It might not be a bad move; their bullpen blew a huge number of games last year, and with a solid lineup and arms like Bedard and Cabrera, a veteran bullpen that’s only average still gives them a chance to compete.  But, much of the lineup is on the wrong side of 30, so this is probably a two year window for the O’s.

Tough way to start the season, on the road against the Twins, who will send Ramon Ortiz up against the O’s Jaret Wright, making his debut for Baltimore tomorrow night.

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One Response to Twins are 2-0

  1. notchris says:

    interested to see Ortiz tonite. very pleased to see the offense functioning at a reasonably high-level this early in the season.

    “vulgar display of bullpen power” is an outstanding turn-of-phrase

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