Kegger Monica

Monica Goodling became a public figure due to her involvement in the US Attorney Purge Scandal. Shortly after the first document dump from the Department of Justice began to reveal the extent of Goodling’s (and thus the White House’s) knowledge of events, Talking Points Memo found a website for a reunion picnic held for Goodling’s law school, which was founded by Pat Robertson. Yeah, that Pat Robertson.

TPM linked to the site, effectively giving the public (or me, at least) its first look at Monica Goodling. That picnic looks pretty much like how I would expect a Pat Robertson Law School picnic to look. I looked at the pictures with a fair amount of attention. At the time I was thinking about how strange it must be getting for this woman to have her life now open to scrutiny and observation. And not the glamorous parts of her life; we do not see Monica Goodling, her hair in a sexy bun and wearing an authoritative yet alluring power suit during her still-recent glory days of White House access. No, we don’t get that Monica Goodling.

We get Kegger Monica. There she is, plastic cup in hand, purse on her arm. Given the venue, and the fact you also don’t see any cans or bottles of beer it’s a good bet there’s not actually a formal keg party going on, unless these are the kind of people who would buy a keg of root beer just so they could joke about being at a “keg party”. I think that’s possible. But, there’s certainly nothing embarrassing about the photos or the event. Just normal folks having fun, who happened to go to Pat Robertson’s law school and later tried to turn the Justice Department into a tool for political prosecution.

When Goodling decided she was going to take the fifth earlier this week, it became clear she was going to be assuming a much higher public profile. Right away, I knew which picture of Monica Goodling was going to get circulated with her story.




Check out the guy in the khakis playing pocket pool behind her. Now that guy’s famous, too.


I have no idea what the circumstances would be, but if I were to ever become “famous”to the point where people made an effort to find information about me, they would find Pipeline immediately. They would be able to read any post, see any photo, read any comment from the last four and a half years.


This is neither good nor bad; it is what it is. I have always understood that I was creating a public record by writing Pipeline. I typically don’t think about that while I write, because I think that closes too many otherwise interesting options. As a result, there are literally hundreds of things I have written that I would definitely not want to become my legacy should my name and life somehow become public domain. And I don’t get to choose what that legacy will be. They will choose the most interesting thing they can find on a deadline.

In Monica’s case, it was the No-Alcohol Keg Party. Should the need ever arise, Pipeline will do more for the news cycle than that.


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3 Responses to Kegger Monica

  1. Charley says:

    I think the perm photo would be an excellent choice for national circulation. Perhaps also a “girl sweater” shot to show your wild side.

  2. martha says:

    Yes! We want to see the picture of you in Jane’s sweater! Stop the censorship!

  3. Scotch says:

    Of all the adjectives close examination of the photo conjures, “fun” is not one of them.

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