Fife Symington and Saxby Chambliss Walk Into A Bar…

Former Arizona governor Fife Symington says he saw UFO’s in 1997.  Of course, many other people saw the same lights Fife did that night.  It’s just interesting that one of them was the governor at the time, and even more interesting that he’s now a pastry chef.  He was also once indicted for bank fraud, and he’s an avid Trekkie.  Fife Symington has to really liven up a cocktail party with a resume like his.  And what else would you expect from a guy named “Fife Symington”?  The only way this story could have been more entertaining for me is if Fife Symington had been out getting drunk that night with Saxby Chambliss, blasting “Yakety Sax” out of their limo stereo when they first saw the lights appear.

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One Response to Fife Symington and Saxby Chambliss Walk Into A Bar…

  1. Kelly says:

    That is one of the more convincing UFO ‘proof’ I have seen. 1000’s of people saw the multiple objects, dozens of people photographed. A city council women was elected with her sole message being an investigation. Its kind of wild actually.

    Check out a compilation:

    The military went as far as to claim responsibility for it, and then tried to recreate the phenomenon using flares and such….

    Anyway… pooint being, the guy may not be crazy. Hundreds of Arizonians are on the record for the same night and sighting.

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