Flu Shot

Linus, Jane and I all went to get flu shots today.  Lily already got hers earlier.  I’m not convinced flu shots do any good, but we did it because there have been a handful of flu-related deaths in Minnesota in the last two weeks, including two 8 year-olds and a Minneapolis firefighter.  I’ll maintain my skepticism, but would prefer it not be responsible for anyone in my family dying.

It’s hard to imagine your 8 year-old dying of the flu in this country in this day and age, but of course influenza is serious and many people do die from it, or flu-related complications.  The boy who died here in the cities went from healthy to gone in less than a week.  People, children, die every day, of course.  But it’s a lot easier to imagine it happening to your kids when it’s your city and your kid is the same age, and suddenly they have a high fever.  Needless to say, the immunization places have been packed all week.

Linus was nervous.  I tried joking with him, telling him the needle was three feet long and they give the shot to you in your left eye.  The nurse didn’t appreciate that humor.  Linus laughed, but it was the nervous laugh.

Well, he was nervous anyway.  Might as well laugh a little.

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