Evangelicals and Warming

Credit where credit is due: More religious groups are starting to throw their weight around on the warming issue.  Call me a cynic, but I believe this is the biggest reason the GOP is starting to at least pay lip service to warming, as opposed to any  climatological consensus on the matter.

I never understood how people who said they believed in God could so willingly dismiss such a clear and present threat to God’s creation.  If this encouraging trend continues, we might see more of the political clout of religious groups devoted to helping solve the rich-poor gap.  I have to believe there are many people like me, who have grown up with their perceptions of religion shaped by the political actions of conservative religious groups and the hypocrisy of opposing AIDS funding, or sex education, or enviornmental stewardship.  If organized religion in the next 30 years comes to be more closely associated with protecting the environment and helping to make our society more equal politically and economically, I have to believe more people will be open to the message.

Of course, religious groups have been leading those efforts for years, but usually from within their own communities as opposed to a political, national effort.  If you weren’t in the church, you perhaps weren’t in a position to know the extent of their involvement in fighting these issues.  But becoming a political (and powerful) voice for change is something different, and I believe a positive step.

Why is this happening now?  It’s pure conjecture on my part, but I figure a lot of people got tired of seeing their religion and faith hijacked for political gain by a certain party, certain mega-churches, or certain radio hosts. What comes around, goes around.

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2 Responses to Evangelicals and Warming

  1. Funny. I posted a likewise post just yesterday. Not on the evangelical scene, but on how the Bushies are really trying hard to denounce it. And a shout out to Molly Ivins, who entertained me to no end when I was in Texas. Bless her forever.

  2. kelly says:

    I totally agree. The religious power structures that brought you the civil rights movement have been commandeered by the power brokers. How more useful a political tool can there be than a regularly meeting activist people. Point them at the divisive issues (gay marriage) and start cashing the checks. I so hope you are right. Christian fundamentals are something I am more than willing to live by, as long as Christians are too.

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