Debra J. Saunders and Warming Dogma

Debra J. Saunders is one of the columnists the StarTribune feels the need to carry–along with people like Clifford May and Jonah Goldberg–to insulate themselves from criticism by local conservatives that the paper is too liberal.  Unfortunately, this leads to an inevitable dumbing-down of the paper.  I’m not necessarily saying conservatives have no valid positions, at least not here, but did they have to choose such assclowns to represent the conservative viewpoint?

One of Saunders’ “centrist” touchstones is to expose the dogma associated with global warming.  In today’s column she makes the unfortunate claim that between Al Gore and Michael Crichton’s divergent viewpoints on warming, we should choose Crichton’s, because he went to Harvard Medical School and therefore knows the scientific method.  She also references Gore’s “acolytes”.  Does she mean these people?

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5 Responses to Debra J. Saunders and Warming Dogma

  1. kelly says:

    Michael Crighton the science fiction author? Sounds like you should write an op-ed that says, “balance for only balance sake makes for shitty coverage, can you get someone qualified please?”… alternatively, find the email address for the paper, and start an email campaign through your blog. I bet at least 15 people here would cut and paste a message if not more. ….. think of the accolades from your peers if you got them removed.

    Use your media fame and power!

  2. Oh, Kelly, you Gore Acolyte. You must hate America.

  3. brent says:

    i’ve read the crichton book in question–“State of Fear”. as you might imagine it is a bunch of anecdotal evidence with references to some pretty standard industry hacks. he finds temperature stations around the globe that show trends of cooling and identifies glaciers that have gotten larger, etc…

    yes, the book is a work of fiction. if memory serves, the plot involves eco-terrorists creating an earthquake to cause tidal waves to wipe-out LA. it is the last michael crichton novel i anticipate reading.

  4. Collins says:

    Chrighton went to Harvard Med School FOR ONE YEAR.

  5. Collins says:

    Chrighton went to Harvard Med School FOR ONE YEAR.

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